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TBEA Brings Smart Photovoltaic Solutions to 2019 SNEC PV Exhibition

TBEA Brings Smart Photovoltaic Solutions to 2019 SNEC PV Exhibition


More than 2,000 exhibitors participated, and more than 5,000 industry experts shared, refreshing the exhibition record once again, witnessing the opening of such an annual photovoltaic feast!

June 4th, the annual global PV industry’s top event SNEC2019 International Solar Industry and Photovoltaic Exhibition kicked off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The event coincides with the launch of the 2019 new PV policy, bringing PV industry back to the focus. As one of industry’s dazzling stars, TBEA Xinjiang New Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TBEA) has been forging ahead and never stopped the pace of new energy dream. TBEA had continued to carry out in-depth research and development in the industry and presented SNEC exhibition once again with “LCOE-optimal system solution “, which has once again established its leading position in the industry. The Shanghai SNEC exhibition has also become an important breakout point of its research and development achievements, attracting wide attention of customers around the world, and shining in the public’s eyes with its extreme products and solutions.

As 2020, the target time of grid parity approaches, how to reduce photovoltaic LCOE and achieve the grid parity has become an urgent problem to be solved in the photovoltaic industry. This SNEC exhibition, from June 4th to June 6th, TBEA still shows its strong strength in research and development and launches brand new products with a bang.

1500V Smart PV Solutions

Value, derives from technological innovations!

TBEA intelligent photovoltaic solutions are characterized by “large square array + high capacity ratio +1500V+ intelligent operation and maintenance”. In the field of string inverters, TBEA launched a whole new generation of high-power 235kW inverter as the core of high-capacity ratio and cost-optimal system solution, suitable for grid parity photovoltaic, large base and other projects.

  • Increase the comprehensive revenue of photovoltaic power plants by 7%+
  • Supports 3.75+MW or larger square unit design
  • China’s efficiency is 98.45%
  • 24 input, 12 MPPT, effectively reduce the impact of string mismatch
  • I-V curve intelligent monitoring, intelligent software control technology, and scanning accuracy up to 1%.

In the field of centralized inverters, TBEA 1500V 5MW outdoor centralized photovoltaic solutions adopt advanced parallel design technology and flexible collocation, which increases the comprehensive income of traditional photovoltaic power stations by more than 3%.

New Energy Power Plants Voltage and Reactive Power Stability Solutions

Value, comes from reliable operation!

TBEA provides grid-connected voltage security and stability solutions for new energy power stations, and its cumulative application performance of SVG products exceeds 5GVar.The product uses silica gel to seal PCBA to meet the complex environment of dust, condensation, salt fog and so on.

The solution applies IGBT temperature real-time monitoring, hydropower separation and other technologies, and has passed the high/low voltage crossing test, provides a reliable guarantee for the safety.

“1 + 2 + X” intelligent micro-grid solutions

Value, derives from intelligence and efficiency!

TBEA takes power router as the high-end technology leader, and takes key products such as energy management system, central controller and energy storage system as the core support, aiming at industrial and commercial parks, data centers, islands, areas without power and other micro networks, to create customized intelligent micro network solutions of “one core, two drives and X scenes”.

Lean Operation and Maintenance Intelligent Energy Management Solutions

Value, comes from the lean operation and maintenance!

Supported by big data, cloud computing, AI and other technologies, TBEA provides customers with integrated Solar Partner data photovoltaic solutions.

Tb-ecloud, an intelligent monitoring and analysis system for photovoltaic power stations, realizes the visual management of power station equipment through data analysis, mobile operation and other technical means.

Discrete rate and the I-V curve of online diagnosis can provide all-round protection for power station equipment operation. Through real-time comparison and analysis of inverter output power dispersion rate and inverter load rate, accurately locate low-efficiency inverter (equipment with insufficient output). Click on the analysis results to give suggestions for operation and maintenance, and help the operation and maintenance personnel of the power station to carry out preventive maintenance work efficiently, greatly reducing the loss of power generation in the phalanx area.

According to the on-site calculation of the power station operation and maintenance team, this function can improve the efficiency by 5%-10% and reduce the power generation loss by 3%.

Dedicate Green Energy to Create a Better Life

New era, new development, TBEA will adhere to the concept of innovation and change, and regard the “dedicate green energy, create a better life” as the mission. With advanced technology, high quality products and reliable services, TBEA strives to create value for customers, promote the wide application of clean energy around the world and better promote the development of the world’s green energy industry.

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Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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