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TeraFlex Saves $30,000 Per Year with Legend Solar

TeraFlex Saves $30,000 Per Year with Legend Solar


Legend Solar, the fastest-growing solar power company in Utah, is saving TeraFlex approximately $30,000 per year in energy costs with a 140 KWh solar power system installed by the company. The new system offsets almost all of TeraFlex’s energy costs for its office and warehouse space, with room for additional solar power panels as the company expands its production in the coming years.

Legend Solar installed about a third of the solar panels on the roof of two buildings, with the rest positioned on the carport at TeraFlex’s headquarters. TeraFlex chose Legend Solar because it provided the best value for the solar panel installation.

“Legend Solar provides the best value for the dollar,” said Brian Smith, chief financial officer of TeraFlex. “The system has performed exactly as advertised. We estimate we’ll save about $30,000 a year in electricity costs by going solar. In fact, it’s performing so well, and we’ve grown so much, we’ll probably expand our solar panels in a year or two.”

TeraFlex, founded in 1996, is a manufacturer of premium suspension systems, body armor, low-range gearing and high-performance axles for the Jeep Wrangler. TeraFlex was the first aftermarket manufacturer with a suspension system for the TJ Wrangler, and is still the only aftermarket company to offer a solution for the venerable 231 transfer case’s low range gearing. In 2001, the entire off-road industry was stunned at the CRD60—an off-road specific high-pinion 60 differential that took innovation to a new level. TeraFlex offers the most comprehensive list of performance components for the JK Wrangler of any other manufacturer to date.

“We work with companies to optimize the location of their solar panels and maximize the efficiency of their installation, saving them thousands of dollars on their electrical bill,” said Shane Perkins, co-founder and co-owner of Legend Solar. “We handle the entire solar energy purchasing process, which can include system design, installation, maintenance, permitting and rebate processing, as well as advice on flexible financing options.”

As an Elite Dealer for SunPower, Legend Solar is able to provide the highest efficiency solar panels available today with the industry’s best 25-year combined product and power warranty. The company backs up its installations with its Legendary Customer Service, ensuring companies and homeowners are satisfied with their solar power systems.

“Legend Solar was great to work with, answering every question and ensuring our system was at peak performance,” said Smith.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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