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THIN Film Solar Roof top system using CiGs modules at IOCL R&D centre Faridabad-10 kW


Name of the project: 10 kW Rooftop system using THIN FILM CiGs Modules

Plant Owner: Indian Oil Corporation R&D Center at Faridabad

On 10rd October 2017 a rooftop solar system was commissioned on the roof of R&D center of IOCL Faridabad.

The system is designed and Installed by M/s Erigeron Energy Pvt. Ltd. a Gurugram based company.  IOCL in their special initiative to study the performance of various kinds of technology of solar modules had awarded a 10 kW rooftop Solar system to Erigeron Energy to be installed on the roof of their R&D center, Faridabad.

After bagging the order, Erigeron Energy decided to use SOLIBRO make CiGs THIN film Modules from Germany with SMA inverters.

A sturdy structure was designed using STAAD analysis to withstand a wind load of 150 kM/Hr. Over this structure solar modules were installed keeping in view the easy regular cleaning of the modules.

The system is expected to produce about 15000 units of green energy every year,

Mr. Suresh Kumar Gupta, Managing Director of Erigeron Energy who are specializing in roof top solar system said that his company loves to take the challenges likes this and is very satisfied that system could be finally commissioned as per IOCL quality norms. This is on-grid system without ant battery backup.

Mr. Bhatia expressed his happiness on successful commissioning of the solar system and wanted that more & more people go for it and save mother earth by cutting down on your CO2 footprints.


Source: Erigeron Energy
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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