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This Kundapur village thrives on solar power

This Kundapur village thrives on solar power


People of Amasebail village are thrilled about the solar system in their homes.The Amasebail gram panchayath, which comes under Kundapur, Udupi, includes 1,872 families in three villages -Amasebail, Rattadi and Machattu. There are 692 families in Amasebail, 534 at Rattadi and 646 in Machattu.
The dream of becoming a 100% solar village started in 2012 and in 2016 it got the tag.It also includes 20 streetlights. At present, the entire GP produces 60 units of solar power per day.Beesu, a Koraga woman at Hale Amasebail said, “We have 13 Koraga families. The colony is surrounded by a dense forest. At night, wild animals come near our homes. Earlier, we had no lights. Even if houses had lights, the power would get disconnected due to various reasons. We’re happy that we have continuous power.”

Babu Koraga said, “We were given free solar power connections. With the help of our panchayat, our children are able to study at night. My husband and son go for dam construction work at By ndoor. The Marnami festival is coming up and hence, we’re all busy in making Hanukai Butti. These baskets are made for keeping prasadam during the festival. We make them with small trees called Kusuba and Nedli. We have two lights at home and can work at night too.” Guruprakash from Selco said, “These solar products were given a five-year guarantee and six-month service. Two light projects cost Rs 9,900, out of which customers pay Rs 3,000. For a four-light project, the cost is Rs 16,500 and the customer has to pay for Rs 6,000.” AJ Kodgi, president, Amasebail said, “The project cost Rs 2.13 crore and MNRE granted 30% (Rs 63 lakh).KREDL granted 20% (Rs 42 lakh) and the DC’s fund of Rs 25 lakh was used.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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