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Trina Solar Launched its New Smart PV Solution—“TrinaPro”

Trina Solar Launched its New Smart PV Solution—“TrinaPro”


On March 21st, Trina Solar Co., Ltd launched a new smart PV solution, “TrinaPro”, in its global headquarter, Changzhou, China. TrinaPro is designed for utility scale ground mounting. It is the result of Trina Solar’s full cooperation agreement with Huawei Technologies Co., LTD, Sungrow Power Supply Co., LTD, as well as its strategic cooperation agreement with Nclave Renewable S.L., respectively. TrinaPro is the first smart PV solution with optimized combination of Trina’s industry leading solar module, state of the art solar tracker system or floating system, and world-class inverter. As a new product shared with higher value, TrinaPro owned characteristics of premium components, optimized system integration and smart O&M interconnection.TrinaPro includes ground-mounted solution and floating solution. The ground-mounted solution selected state of the art solar tracker system, which will help improve 10%-30% energy gain. The floating solution will cover several scenarios in terms of reservoir, lake, beach, etc. With the optimized matching among components and “Edge Computing” algorithm integration, TrinaPro can improve system stability with higher power generation, lower BOS cost in order to reduce system LCOE.

Furthermore, with the interconnection between “Edge Computing” algorithm and smart O&M system on a cloud platform, TrinaPro is empowered to analyze and process data from the cloud, to optimize the system’s operation model and ensure the system runs smoothly and efficiently.

Gao Jifan, Chairman and CEO of Trina Solar delivered his speech on the global launch event, where he mentioned, “Although solar power is a junior participant in energy industry, it is one of the major power to drive the future development of the whole industry.” Yin Rongfang, VP of Trina Solar & President of Global Sales & President of Overseas Commercial & Residential Solutions, introduced that “ By the optimized combination in terms of improving power generation, lowering system LCOE and integrating smart O&M system, TrinaPro will help its clients with higher investment gain.”

Source: Trinasolar
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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