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Trina Solar liefert 4MW für das solare Carportsystem am Airport Weeze

Trina Solar liefert 4MW für das solare Carportsystem am Airport Weeze


Trina Solar Limited,a leading global manufacturer of PV modules, solutions and services, has supplied the photovoltaic modules for a solar carport system with an output of 4 MWp at Weeze Airport. The project, which is unparalleled in Germany, was implemented by the EEPro GmbH within just four weeks planning and four weeks of construction and provides covered parking for 1350 vehicles. The international airport Weeze in North Rhine-Westphalia is one of the youngest European airports and a the first private airports in Germany. The airport operator decided also because the number of passengers from currently about 1.9 million passengers per year for combining two advantages with a photovoltaic carport system at parking P2: On the one hand produces the airport with the Solar System regenerative energy for possible own use and for feeding into the grid, allowing additional revenues and good environmental performance of the airport. Second, the system functions as a safety for including parked vehicles of passengers, from the sun, rain or hail.

The total of 66 carports have a length of up to 35 meters, and a width of up to 13 meters. In total, 15,296 multicrystalline solar modules of Honey series was (TSM PC05A) Trina Solar used which supply a total peak power of about 4MW. The modules supplied by Trina Solar in the four-week construction phase late July and early August 2016 on schedule “just-in-time”. The removed from TÜV-Rheinland PV system already feeds power into the grid distribution providers West network. As one of Germany’s largest rooftop system which receives regular EEG fee.

A reliable and smooth flow of material is especially important in such a short space of time, as the project management of EEPro confirmed. “When selecting partners and products, we rely on modern, high-quality technology, high reliability and investment security. Trina Solar was able to convince us as a leader in all of these areas, “explains Jan Kiermaier, CEO of EEPro. “We were particularly impressed also the extraordinary customer orientation by Trina Solar, which is helpful and targeted to assist us in any challenges to the side. A strong and reliable partner is in such time-critical projects often critical to the success of the project. “

” We are very pleased about the excellent cooperation with EEPro. Together, we have demonstrated once again how quickly and efficiently photovoltaic projects can be implemented today when project knowledge, quality products and good functioning together with experienced partners, “said Gonzalo de la Viña, sales manager at Trina Solar. “The Weeze airport is now benefiting not only from the economic advantages of clean solar electricity but also of a new parking canopy that protects the vehicles.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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