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TrinaBESS extends its offer to provide turnkey microgrid solutions

TrinaBESS extends its offer to provide turnkey microgrid solutions


TrinaBESS provides turnkey microgrid solutions worldwide, designed to answer energy needs in remote areas or islands. The solution includes solar and energy storage that can also be combined with existing generators.

“The TrinaBESS microgrid solution is designed to supply power for islands to help them transition from existing diesel generators to a cleaner, safer, and more reliable power supply. The solution helps defer the main grid upgrade, and improve the energy cost by integrating renewable energy resources combined with energy storage,” said Frank Qi, General Manager of TrinaBESS.

“Energy storage is still a relatively new sector. The successful implementation of a microgrid system relies on excellent engineering and project development skills. TrinaBESS offers extensive energy storage expertise, bringing engineering experience from a team of more than 100 engineers to support customer projects,” said Anne Torricelli, Director Energy Storage Solutions, North America. “Each micro-grid project is custom-made to answer specific energy needs and can withstand extreme environmental conditions. Our microgrid solution will be introduced at Intersolar North America.”

TrinaBESS offers a complete turnkey energy storage solution including consultancy services, solution design, component survey, procurement, system integration, construction, on-site training and commissioning, as well as operations and maintenance.

TrinaBESS will be present at Intersolar North America 2017, in San Francisco from July 11th – 13th, 2017, booth number 8225. To learn more about TrinaBESS, please visit the TrinaBESS website www.trinaenergystorage.com.

About TrinaBESS
TrinaBESS is the energy storage company of Trina Group and the sister company of Trina Solar, global leader of PV total solutions. TrinaBESS designs, manufactures and delivers battery energy storage systems (BESS) for utilities, solar companies, project developers, installers and distributors for residential, commercial and utility markets. TrinaBESS provides on / off grid, off grid, handy power and micro grid energy storage solutions from 0.4 kWh batteries to 2 MWh batteries and larger. From its foundation in 2010 TrinaBESS has grown to one of the world’s leading energy storage companies with over 100 R&D staff members and an international presence in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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