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Tritium launches first ultra-rapid electric car charger in Japan

Tritium launches first ultra-rapid electric car charger in Japan



Australia’s ultra-fast electric vehicle charger maker Tritium has launched its most powerful unit, the Veefil-PK, for the first time in Japan.

The Veefil-PK has a maximum charging rate of 350kW, which allows vehicles to add as much as 350 kilometres of driving range within just 10 minutes (see this handy chart for a breakdown from Tritium of different charging rates).

Tritium is a world leader in electric vehicle charger development and provision, with Veefil-PK units already being installed across 220 sites in Europe’s Ionity network, as well as in numerous sites in Australia.

Japan, home of the electric Nissan Leaf , is a relatively mature market for electric vehicles and has 14,000 publicly available 50kW fast chargers.

This, along with Australia’s long standing business relationship with the Asian technology leader, means that Japan represents a promising opportunity for the Brisbane-based charger manufacturer.

“The business partnership between Australia and Japan is the most mature in the region, one that has gotten stronger and continues to stand the test of time,” said CEO and co-founder of Tritium David Finn in a statement regarding the launch.

The relatively small footprint of the Veefil-PK, which connects to a 24/7 global support network for ease of use and maintenance, also makes it perfect for the Japanese EV market.

“Real estate in Japan is of high value and for many organisations, space for electric vehicle chargers isn’t very easy to find,” says Finn.

“The Veefil PK can be installed within a smaller physical space than any charger on the market, which is critical for Japan as it looks to take that next necessary step to ultra-fast charging.”

Although the only production vehicle currently on the market anywhere on the globe that can take full advantage of the Veefil-PK’s 350kW charge rate is the Porsche Taycan, the installation of these high-powered units ensures EV charging networks are future-proofed.

When the time comes that electric vehicles can charge at even higher rates than this, the Veefil-PK is already ready to be scaled up to 475kW.

“As more models of high-range electric vehicles are released to the market, and the need for more charging locations increases, Tritium’s expertise in small footprint flexible charging solutions is ideally suited to the Japanese market,” says Finn.

Source: thedriven.io
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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