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Tsingshan Invests in Clean Energy Projects

Tsingshan Invests in Clean Energy Projects


Tsingshan Industry recently officially launched its project for building a clean energy base. This project seeks to develop and construct solar and wind energy plants and supporting facilities in Tsingshan’s Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park and Indonesia Weda Bay Industrial Park.

The project follows six months of intensive feasibility studies and careful planning. Tsingshan Industry is committed towards investing and building a 2000 MW clean energy base in Indonesia within the next three to five years, and laying the clean energy groundwork for further green developments. Clean energy produced will be used mainly to power the production of raw materials required for the batteries used in electric vehicles.

The completion of the project will result in the significant use of clean, renewable energy to power raw material production in Tsingshan’s industrial parks, truly realising the objective of reducing carbon emissions to zero. Tsingshan is also planning to, in the near future, launch a 5000 MW hydropower project to enhance our energy assurance.

President Xi Jinping is aiming for have China’s carbon dioxide emissions peak before 2030, and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. During the 2019 General Elections, Indonesian President Joko Widodo emphasized the importance of protecting the environment when addressing issues such as energy safety, environmental protection and related topics.

Tsingshan Industry has hitherto attached great importance towards green and sustainable development, deeply values the protection of the environment, and will unceasingly work towards reducing wastages.

Tsingshan Industry will continue to innovate and work through technology to reduce consumption, and fulfil its role as a socially-responsible international enterprise.

Tsingshan Industry vigorously upholds and promotes energy conservation, emission reduction, and a low carbon footprint environment. Tsingshan Industry contributes tirelessly towards benefiting all of mankind, protecting our shared homeland, and achieving sustainable development for everyone around the world.

Source: tssgroup

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network