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UK planning consent approved for one of Europe’s largest battery storage facilities – EQ Mag Pro

UK planning consent approved for one of Europe’s largest battery storage facilities – EQ Mag Pro


Kona Energy have secured planning consent for its 200MW battery storage facility in Heysham, Lancashire. When constructed, the project will be one of the largest in Europe. Saving 45,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum, the equivalent of taking 15,000 cars off the road per year.

Forming part of Kona’s wider 1GW portfolio, the site has been strategically located to participate in multiple energy markets. Situated at the landing point of six offshore wind farms, including one of the world’s largest, the Walney wind farm, this project will help to alleviate grid constraint, reduce energy bills and increase the utilisation of renewable energy.

Aside from managing increasing grid constraints, the battery system will provide crucial local grid services, in the form of inertia and reactive power support. This will be increasingly important following the closure of the Heysham nuclear power stations in 2024 and 2028.

Kona Energy will provide a financial contribution to a local nature reserve to improve biodiversity and habitat protection in the area, with another to a local community fund.

Kona Founder Andy Willis commented:

“Roughly one billion pounds was spent in the last year curtailing energy from wind farms and other generators, replacing that need elsewhere – usually from fossil fuelled stations. Tackling this enormous waste of both money and energy is crucial. Further battery storage facilities will significantly reduce this burden and we are proud to be leading the way with the approval of such a critical project.”

“This news is especially significant because the project is connecting on what the UK power industry refers to as the B7a constraint boundary. The B7a is one of the most constrained areas in the UK where wind farms and other low carbon technologies are regularly curtailed. As these constraint costs rise, projects like this are essential to relieving network congestion and reducing unnecessary waste.”

“With other major projects in the pipeline, we’re confident that Kona can cement its industry-leading reputation even further and continue to deliver constructive solutions which will lower bills, increase our energy security and help the country to fulfil its net zero ambitions.”

Kona Energy:

Kona Energy is one of the UK’s leading clean energy development companies.

The company is focused upon developing grid-scale battery energy storage projects. These flexible assets are key to balancing energy supply and demand and increasing the utilisation of renewable power on the electricity system. Kona Energy are developing a 1GW portfolio of large scale energy storage projects across the UK.

Source: konaenergy
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network