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United PV’s Q1 2016 Electricity Generation Volume Substantially Rises 63.42% Y-on-Y

United PV’s Q1 2016 Electricity Generation Volume Substantially Rises 63.42% Y-on-Y


United Photovoltaics Group Limited, a leading solar power plant investor and operator in China,recently announced the electricity generation volume of the Company and its associates in the first quarter of 2016. The aggregate volume of electricity generation in the first quarter increased to 268,790MWh, representing a substantial Y-on-Y increase of 63.42%. Since energy depletion problem is becoming increasingly serious, the world is keeping an eye on renewable energy as future energy use, which brings the responsibility and future opportunities for United PV. Base on the solar power plant operation and management, we provide green clean energy to society by zero pollution, zero emissions production mode, and promote the renewable clean energy use in China.

The generated electricity in an aggregate volume of 268,790MWh can be fulfilled the electricity demand of 149,000 ordinary families in a year, approximately saved 88,701 tons of standard coal or reduced 230,622 tons of CO2 emission or 134 tons of emitted smoke and dust. Meanwhile which approach to, reduced 2,231 tons of emitted SO2 or 2,070 tons of emitted Nitrogen oxide even equivalent to planting 12.6 million trees a year.

Climate change is one of the most serious impact that human faced since 19th century’s industrialization. In recent years, we have also frequently experienced the most serious haze invasion, floods, droughts and other natural disasters caused by climate change occurred in China. The environmental problems issued by climate change have real impacted our lives, which constantly remind us the environmental significance for the development of human society.

National Development and Reform Commission and National Energy Administration issued a document on March 17, 2016 that required 13 provincial department to suspend approval of new coal-fired thermal power projects in 2017; and 15 provinces to suspend the construction of coal-fired thermal power project that haven’t started yet. Based on analysis of the global coal-fired power plant tracking system, over 183GW thermal power installed capacity will be suspended. Since the “12th Five-Year Plan”, China’s renewable energy industry has been developed rapidly, new PV installed capacity ranked first in the world for many years, PV installed capacity surpassed Germany as Number One in the world.

Meanwhile, according to the National Energy Administration’s “13th Five-Year plan”, at the end of the“13th Five-Year”, China’s total PV installed capacity will reach to 150 GW, more than three times to the “12th Five-Year” period. Insiders said that under the background of the low-carbon green economy development, eco-friendly + policy support + technology driven will result the development of PV industry enter into the fast lane.

United PV is the first solar power electricity generation company which discloses its quarterly electricity generation volume data on the HKEx, and insists to announcing such key operating data. United PV will continue to play the role as a “Top Runner” to lead the healthy development of the industry.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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