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UPNEDA to illuminate govt buildings through solar power

UPNEDA to illuminate govt buildings through solar power


Making a smart move to utilize the solar power, the UP New and Renewable Energy Development Agency (UPNEDA) is all set to install rooftop grid-interactive solar power plant at government and private buildings.The project for installation of 70 kilowatt rooftop grid interactive solar power plant, costing around Rs 49 lakh, is underway at the building of Vikas Bhawan, and once it completed, 30 kilowatt rooftop solar plant, worth cost around Rs 21 lakh, will be installed at collectorate building. Both the projects are likely to be completed in mid May month as state government has sanctioned the funds.

Project Officer, UPNEDA, RM Pandey told TOI ” there are several benefits of installation of rooftop grid interactive solar power plants as energy in terms of power could be utilized by power grid. He further added ” Grid tied solar systems are the most common systems for captive power generation. It is technologically feasible to have hybrid systems.Pandey further maintained that, “”Solar energy is incontestably one such alternative, which can perform the all requirements of electricity. There are several benefits of using solar energy, the primary being its renewable nature and non-vanishing nature.”” The option of solar energy is always available.

Officials claim solar cells are totally silent and they can draw energy from the sun without making a noise. Secondly, solar cells require little maintenance and its paraphernalia could be shifted from one site to another easily. Although solar panels or solar lights may be expensive during the initial purchase, but in long term one can save money.Pandey also informed that UPNEDA has already sent proposals to various industrial, private and educational institutions to install rooftop grid interactive solar power systems as it not only utilize the space of roof but also economic in nature.
“We are not only motivating and propagating the use of solar power as solar power is the only option that could reduce the electricity bills” said Pandey adding ” officials are also offering technical assistance to individuals and units as well”, he added.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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