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US, India share strong focus on energy transition, says US official – EQ

US, India share strong focus on energy transition, says US official – EQ


In Short : A U.S. official emphasizes a robust commitment to the energy transition shared between the United States and India. This alignment suggests a mutual dedication to advancing sustainable and clean energy practices, fostering collaboration in addressing global climate challenges, and promoting a transition towards a more environmentally conscious energy landscape.

In Detail : US Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources Geoffrey R. Pyatt said on Monday that the US and India have a very strong focus on the energy transition and there is a lot of synergy between them to ensure an alternative supply chain, especially for renewable energy sources.

During a virtual press conference on Monday, Pyatt shared his views on energy priorities and on opportunities and challenges surrounding crucial minerals for the global energy transition.

Pyatt, who visited India in January, spoke about the energy transition, reliable supply chains, energy security and promoting commercial collaboration with private sector partners in India’s fast-growing clean energy sector.

He said India is one of the US’s most important energy relations in the world.

He said he met Microsoft and renewable energy company Greenko Group during his visit to Hyderabad last month and said the progress in infrastructure has been overwhelming.

He said he believed that US-India relations are important for the energy sector to create alternative supply chains, especially in renewable energy sources.

He cited the example of the war between Russia and Ukraine as the geopolitical reason disrupting the energy supply chain.

He pointed to China – the largest producer of renewable energy equipment such as solar cells and modules – and said there is a need for an alternative supply chain.

He also praised the efforts of Indian companies in manufacturing electric three-wheelers.

He said these electric three-wheelers can be used for deliveries in the US, as well as in major cities like New York, where large trucks cannot reach.

On US-India cooperation, he said he has visited the Shastri Bhavan (in New Delhi, where the oil ministry is located) for the past 30 years but has never had such encouraging meetings.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network