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Use solar power to cut power bill & cost worries

Use solar power to cut power bill & cost worries


Worried about mounting ultility bill on account of use of electric appliances, including power-guzzlers like hot tub and a wide-screen TV? Install a solar electric power system. On Tuesday, Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) has shown the way to do it.

“Using solar power can dramatically cut or even eliminate your electric bill,” says BMC additional commissioner and Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Limited (BSCDCL) CEO Chandramauli Shukla.

Being part of the CLEAN ENERGY initiative could have a psychological dividend in doing right thing. Taking an initiative, the BMC showcased its 23 kw grid connected to solar rooftop set-up. Linked along with main power supply line, it was inaugurated by BMC mayor Alok Sharma. The proposed idea is part of a smart city initiative.

Within an hour of solar power unit going online at BMC headquarters, Mata Mandir, it produced 5 units. The unit spread on 2,600 sq feet can produce 80 units of power each day. Expected to produce 7,200 units a year, the cost saving for the BMC from the unit is expected to be Rs 1.65 lakh a year. Setting aside monsoon season, experts account power GENERATION of 300 days from a solar unit.

When not in use, the electricity produced from the SOLAR POWER unit will be redirected into main power grid. “The system is linked with a net meter. The digital electric meter can run backwards when excess power from solar system is not being consumed by user. That means feeding electricity into the grid that the power company will have to buy or credit him for,” said Shukla.

Luring residents and other commercial establishments to adopt green technology, BMC mayor Alok Sharma said, “Civic body will provide a special offer. Expect a reduction of 3% to 5% in property tax for those opting for solar power generation.”

For a limited time period, BSCDCL will pay for installation of net meter that connects power discom line to the solar unit. The cost of the unit is Rs 10,800. Installation of a basic unit to produce about one kw of power is about Rs 75,000. Through the BMC, SOLAR ENERGY Corporation of India Limited (SECI) subsidy for a basic unit is Rs 22,500.

Total cost recovery for a consumer, who installs such a unit is expected to be in five years.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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