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Week in Review A weekly selection from our research and news teams

Week in Review A weekly selection from our research and news teams


Welcome to the new Week in Review. Each week you will receive a selection of publicly available BNEF research, videos and news articles, as well as a Short to learn something interesting in less than a minute. We hope you enjoy it!
Climatescope off-grid market update
Climatescope tracks the conditions for clean energy investment on and off the grid, and provides a wealth of publicly-available information on 58 emerging markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America & the Caribbean. The site has attracted tens of thousands of visitors since the re-launch in December 2016, tracking the energy transition in emerging markets. We are pleased to announce a series of new enhancements.
From our partners

Electric cars to reach price parity by 2025
Falling battery costs set to reshape the auto industry
Profit difficult in next three years, except for luxury cars
U.S. medium segment vehicle price estimates

Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Note: Estimated pre-tax retail prices
Automakers planning to sell electric cars between now and 2020 will struggle to make a profit, as electric vehicles will cost up to a quarter more to manufacture than equivalent combustion vehicles, according to the latest analysis from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. This puts automakers in a difficult position since regulatory pressures require a quick ramp-up in EV sales starting around 2020. Falling battery costs will push EVs to price parity and beyond only between 2025 and 2029, depending on the segment. Premium brands such as Daimler, Audi and Volvo Car are introducing electric crossovers and electric SUVs by 2020, and may have more room to charge higher prices. View on web and share with a colleague.
From our partners

Liebreich: Six design principles for the power markets of the future
Last week, our head of research, Albert Cheung, wrote about why power markets need a redesign and the complexity of delivering the ‘trilemma’ – energy that is cheap, clean and reliable for all. In tandem, BNEF’s founder and chairman of the advisory board, Michael Liebreich, offers his take on the power markets of the future and the six design principles that could guide their deep re-regulation. Read the full opinion piece.

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