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Whole Foods Market and NRG to Plan Large Scale Commercial Solar Project Portfolio

Whole Foods Market and NRG to Plan Large Scale Commercial Solar Project Portfolio


Whole Foods Market, America’s healthiest grocery store, in conjunction with NRG Energy, Inc. the country’s leading integrated competitive power company, plans to install rooftop solar at up to 84 Whole Foods stores and distribution centers across 9 states to generate renewable energy onsite. When completed and determined by final negotiations and analysis, the portfolio of solar projects has the potential to generate up to 13.8 megawatts (MW) of solar power.

NRG will help Whole Foods Market build what may become, upon completion, one of the largest commercial rooftop solar installations in the country1. NRG’s single-brand, multi-site approach facilitated a streamlined process to obtain contracted solar generation and tailored financing options that allowed NRG to meet Whole Foods Market’s needs.“Installing solar at Whole Foods Market locations across the country will increase the percentage of renewable energy that is generated in communities where we work,” saidKathy Loftus, Global Leader in Sustainability for Whole Foods Market. “We’re thrilled to work with NRG to bring about this multiple stakeholder view of our clean energy goals while simultaneously maximizing the utilization of resources.”

With one of the largest and most diverse energy portfolios in the country, NRG is uniquely positioned to provide holistic energy solutions that combine renewable energy generation with additional energy services to meet the challenges facing commercial customers. NRG’s sustainability solutions aim to provide measurable financial benefit, demonstrating that clean energy and economic growth are not mutually exclusive goals.“Whole Foods Market is an ideal match for NRG. Their vision and mission aligns with NRG’s approach to driving smarter, cleaner energy solutions while continuing to serve customers, neighbors and the community,” said Rob Gaudette, SVP, Business Solutions, NRG. “We’re committed to providing our customers, like Whole Foods Market, with energy solutions that support both sustainability and economic growth.”

NRG develops, finances, owns and operates energy projects, products and solutions. When executed, the Whole Foods Market project portfolio is expected to be funded in part through NRG’s ongoing partnership with NRG Yield.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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