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MNRE: Working Paper on International Solar Alliance (ISA)


The  purpose  of  this Working  Paperis  to  inform  about  the  partnership  initiative  to  establish International Solar Alliance(ISA) with  membership  from  the  solar  resource  rich  countries lying  fully  or  partially  between  the  Tropic  of  Cancer  and  the  Tropic  of  Capricorn.  The Working  Paperalso  intends seeking viewsfrom,  and  secure  the  approval  of,  solar  resource rich countries on the proposed initiative. There  is  a  gap  at  present  in  the  application  of  solar  technologies  to  the  very  large  un-met demand  for  solar-powered  technologies  in  solar  resource  rich  countries.  This  gap  arises primarily  from  lack  of  systematic  information  about  the  on-ground  requirements  as  well  as scarce opportunities for capacity building and training of users of technologies and finally, a shortage  of  suitable  financing  arrangements  to  make  new  technologies  affordable  to  very poor users who require them.

For more information pls go through attached PDF..ISA-Working-Paper
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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