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World Environment Day: 6 ways to help save environment and money

World Environment Day: 6 ways to help save environment and money


With World Environment Day being celebrated this week, here are 6 eco-friendly measures that can save you money.

Going green calls for putting the planet’s interests above yours and it can yield financial benefits too.

With World Environment Day being celebrated this week, ET Wealth tell you about eco-friendly measures that also save money.

  • Energy-efficient bulbs for lighter bills

Energy-efficient lighting equipment will prevent outdated lighting options from burning a hole in your pocket

Annual savings: Rs 1,226

Smart tip

If you have an independent house, installing solar panels can lower your electricity bills even more. A mix of LED and solar lights can cut your bill outgo by 60%.

Calculations are for Signify products, each in use for 5 hours a day. The difference in price is Rs 50.

  • Shop for stars, slash electricity consumption

Five-star rated appliances not only reduce energy consumption but lower electricity bills by 12%.

Smart tip

Saving gets compounded in the case of refrigerator as its running time is more. Extra cost of a 5-star appliance is recovered within 2-3 years while saving continues till it is in use.


Electricty tariff Rs 6 per unit. AC runs for 10 hours a day, 8 months in a year. Calculations are for basic LG models with a difference in cost of Rs 5,000.

  • Zoom on eco-friendly fuel

A move towards Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) will not only curb air pollution, but also reduce your fuel cost burden.

Distance travelled daily 50 km
Distance travelled monthly (23 days) 1,150 km

Monthly fuel bill (Rs)

Annual savings if you switch from diesel to CNG Rs 17,349
Annual savings if you switch from petrol to CNG Rs 37,445

Smart tip

A diesel car is about Rs 1.15 lakh costlier and more expensive to maintain than its petrol variant. For a new buyer who changes cars every 4-5 years, a petrol variant will be more costeffi cient. However, a CNG variant costs about Rs 60,000 more, which can be recouped within two years.


Petrol price Rs 71.86/ltr, mileage 15 kmpl; Diesel price Rs 66.69/ltr, mileage 20 kmpl; CNG price Rs 45.70/kg, mileage 22 km/kg.

  • Sharing is saving

Carpooling or ride-sharing is environment as well as pocket friendly.
Cab fare for a solo passenger: Rs 215.44
Cab fare in case of ride-sharing: Rs 159.00
Annual savings: Rs 14,900

Smart tip
Ditch cab for CNG auto rickshaw twice in a week for additional saving.

Ubergo and Uberpool rates for an 18 km ride at 4.40 pm. Annual savings factor in 22 commuting days in a month.

Adopt sustainable travel
Sustainable travel practices include reducing plastic waste, staying in homestays and opting for local tourist operators to support local tourism.

Cost of staying in a homestay: Rs 3,000 per night
Cost of staying in a hotel: Rs 5,000 per night
Savings: Rs 2,000 per night

Smart tip
Carry a reusable water bottle instead of buying bottled water.

Price comparison between a 3-star hotel and a homestay with similar facilities, located in the same area in Shillong.

  • Recycle e-waste to net gains

82% of India’s e-waste is personal devices, as per Global E-Waste Monitor. Do not let your functional mobile phones and other devices waste away in a corner; tap recycling fi rms to realise their value.

Cost of original device: Rs 18,990
Receipt from recycling: Rs 9,833
Amount gained: Rs 9,157

Smart tip
You can sell unoperative devices in electronic markets for spare parts.

Calculations are for an iPhone SE, rose Gold, 32GB, in working condition purchased in January 2018.

Source: economictimes.indiatimes
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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