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75% reduction in prices of LED bulbs through Government Programme

75% reduction in prices of LED bulbs through Government Programme


The DELP scheme of Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a joint venture of PSUs of the Ministry of Power, has through a combination of aggregation and transparent procurement, achieved a rapid decline in LED prices making it affordable to the common man.The LED bulb prices that EESL has been able to get has come down from Rs 310 in February, 2014 to Rs 73 in June, 2015, a reduction of over 75%.

The Government has ensured transparency and encouraged competition by using e-procurement of goods and services. This has resulted in significant reduction in transaction cost and time and enhanced process efficiency. This has also resulted in much larger participation of bidders thereby increasing competition and reducing the cost of LED bulbs and street lights. The number of bidders that participate in the LED procurement has gone up by 3 times now as compared to in 2013-14.

As of now, EESL has distributed 2.3 crore LED bulbs in 83 towns and cities across the country. EESL has already procured 9.5 crore LED in the current year and is looking at additional procurement of another 6 crore LED bulbs.In Delhi alone, 36 lakh LED bulbs have been distributed under the DELP scheme. Consumers in Delhi have seen a cumulative reduction of over Rs 186 crore in their electricity bill from the use of the energy efficient LED bulbs distributed under the schemeThe programme has led to significant savings to the country and consumers who are using these bulbs in Delhi. As of date, the savings achieved are –


The Government has also emphasized on the need to deliver quality and has ensured that the quality of LED bulbs is not compromised. The programme is being monitored in a transparent manner through a publically available portal (www.delp.in).

The target of the programme is to replace all the 77 crore incandescent bulbs sold in India by LEDs. This will result in reduction of 20,000 MW load, energy savings of 100 billion KWh and Green House Gas (GHG) emissions savings of 80 m tons every year. The annual saving in electricity bills of consumers will be Rs. 40,000 crore, considering average tariff of Rs. 4 per kWh.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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