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Abengoa ranked leader in transmission, solar energy, and cogeneration project development by Engineering News-Record

Abengoa ranked leader in transmission, solar energy, and cogeneration project development by Engineering News-Record


Abengoa , the international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors, has been listed among the top international companies in the construction sector according to the International Contractors annual ranking drawn up and published annually by the prestigious construction sector magazine, Engineering News-Record (ENR).

For the ninth consecutive year, Abengoa has been recognized for its leadership as International contractor in transmission and distribution. The Company is also recognized for the fifth consecutive year as International contractor in solar energy. For the first time, the company tops the rank in the area of cogeneration.

The ENR annual ranking collates data from the top 225 international engineering and construction contractors, based on gross revenues.

Abengoa has developed more than 26,000 km and al nearly 300 substations around the world in the past 11 years around the world.

Additionally, the company leads the ranking in cogeneration thanks to key high energy efficiency projects in countries such as Mexico.

In the field of solar energy, Abengoa is the international leader in the development of solar thermal plants. The Company has recently commenced operation of the first solar thermal tower plant in Africa, Khi Solar One, with an installed capacity of 50 MW, capable of generating electricity at maximum capacity without sun for two hours, offering stability to the grid.

ENR, owned by The McGraw-Hill Companies, is one of the most prestigious technical magazines in the sector, providing important and relevant information, news and analysis for specialists in the sector. It also covers financial, legal and safety issues related to the environment and corporate management as well as labor issues associated with the construction industry.

In the last twelve months, Abengoa has been awarded energy transmission and distribution projects like the 150 km line in Chile; the longest transmission line developed by the Company in the United States covering a distance of 180 km; and the line developed in the North of Argentina. Furthermore, the company is developing a cogeneration 517 MW plant in Oaxaca, Mexico, for Pemex. Also, the company has developed solar thermal plants in South Africa, like KaXu Solar One, the plant that started commercial operation in early 2015; Xina Solar One, starting its construction process early last year; or Khi Solar One, the first solar thermal tower plant in Africa. Additionally, Abengoa also develops the solar project in Chile, Atacama 1, the first plant to combine solar thermal and photovoltaic technologies in the world; or Mojave Solar in the U.S., which was inaugurated at the beginning of 2015.

This latest ranking will further consolidate Abengoa’s position as an international leader for developing transmission and distribution, solar energy and cogeneration projects around the world. This recognition demonstrates the Company’s value and experience in these sectors, positioning Abengoa in the world elite in engineering and construction, as well as in the fields of clean energy and innovation in renewables worldwide.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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