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Adolfo Rebollo, the new Ingeteam CEO

Adolfo Rebollo, the new Ingeteam CEO


Following the General Shareholders’ Meeting, the Ingeteam Board of Directors has appointed Adolfo Rebollo as Ingeteam’s new CEO, to replace Javier Ojeda, who has resigned from his position as CEO of the Company.

Adolfo Rebollo, aged 44, has a degree in Electrical Industrial Engineering from the Bilbao School of Industrial Engineers. He started his career in Ingeteam in 1996 and was currently holding the position of Managing Director of Ingeteam Power Technology S.A., a leading division that brings together all Ingeteam’s business related to Engineering, Electronic Systems and Equipment for Power Conversion and Control.

Over the two decades in which he has been working in the Group, Adolfo Rebollo has held a number of responsibilities within the Group, with particular mention of his work as head of the project to establish Ingeteam in Milwaukee (USA) from 2010-2015. During this period, he acted as the General Manager of Indar in the country, dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of wind generators for the American market. Prior to his stage in the USA, Adolfo Rebollo held the post of Technical Director of Indar in Beasain, Spain (2005-2010) and, during his initial years at Ingeteam, he worked in the electrical projects and industrial automation division (1996-2000), subsequently heading the creation of the Marine Systems Division (2000-2004).

Indar Electric is the Ingeteam Group company specialising in the design and manufacture of rotating electrical machines. The Ingeteam plant at Milwaukee produces generators and converters for the industrial sector, and the wind and PV generating sector, whilst it also centralises the operation and maintenance services for the North American market.

The management of Ingeteam would like to thank Javier Ojeda for all his work over these years, and would also like to welcome the new CEO of the Company, who has all our trust to undertake this new stage.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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