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Arctech Solar’s Cumulative Installed Capacity Has Reached 10GW

Arctech Solar’s Cumulative Installed Capacity Has Reached 10GW


As of January 2017, the cumulative installed capacity of Arctech Solar Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Arctech Solar”) has reached 10GW globally. Meanwhile, Arctech Solar’s sales performance in some country markets is also eye-catching in 2016, with 800MW and more than 2GW’s shipment in India and China markets respectively, Arctech Solar has been playing a leading role in the above two major PV markets.

The accomplishment of this milestone not only relies on Arctech Solar’s focus and accumulated experience in the field of mounting structure for many years, but also benefits from its world leading technology of redundancy tracking system.

President of Arctech Solar’s international business Mr. Guy Rong commented, “Arctech Solar is a professional company dedicated to PV tracking and racking systems for quite a long time. In the past 8 years, we continually concentrate our time and efforts on how to help our customers establish better photovoltaic plants all over the world and to be more successful. I believe every great industrial enterprise has to experience a process of accumulating steadily and wait for a moment to shine. To our delight, this moment came at the very beginning of 2017. By means of the gradually optimized global supply chain and service system, 9GW peak production capacity and unique technology of redundancy tracking system, we have successfully helped our customers establish almost 600 photovoltaic plants in 10 countries over the past 8 years, and our cumulative installed capacity has reached 10GW. We were not only cheered up by these numbers, but also felt the weight of trust and corresponding responsibilities for our clients worldwide. These numbers are only a temporary milestone, but to create more value for customers is our long-term pursued theme and commitment.”

It is reported that, Arctech Solar is launching the Arctracker PRO which uses the redundancy technology in global markets, and will localize the design and details according to regional markets’ specific requirements. There is no doubt that Arctech Solar will receive much attention and expectation from the public in 2017.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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