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Bosch completes one of Malaysia’s largest rooftop PV installations

Bosch completes one of Malaysia’s largest rooftop PV installations


KUALA LUMPUR : Bosch, a German technology company, recently completed one of the largest rooftop photovoltaic system installation in Malaysia on its automotive electronics plant in Penang.

With the latest completion of the 3MWp solar panel installation in collaboration with solar energy provider Blueleaf Energy, the additional 4,500MWh energy generated is estimated to reduce 3,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emission a year.

This translates to significant environmental contributions from the plant, equivalent to 1,300 Malaysian households’ yearly energy consumption or 700 cars driven annually.

“Tapping on Bosch’s pursuit of clean renewable energy, Bosch dedicated a rooftop area of 24,500 square metres for 7,500 solar panels where Blueleaf Energy was engaged to design and deliver the solar plant and will own and and manage the photovoltaic asset,” the company said.

Greencells Energy Asia Pacific, a subsidiary of the German Greencells Group which is a major player in future-proof green energy, also participated in the project as the engineering, planning and construction contractor.

The system is planned and operated under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) on a self-consumption and creates the opportunity to export excess energy back to the grid.

To date, Bosch’s installation in its automotive electronics plant is the largest solar system in Penang under the Net Energy Metering scheme.

“Bosch has been taking progressive actions towards carbon neutrality. We continue to push ahead with the installation of the photovoltaic system in Malaysia due to its high solar irradiance throughout the year.

“We are pleased to achieve this milestone in our climate action despite the lockdowns, travel restrictions and several unprecedented challenges brought on by the pandemic,” said Dr. Siegfried Skirl, Bosch’s automotive electronics plant technical managing director in Malaysia, adding that 18 per cent of the plant’s energy consumption harness the sun.

Source : nst
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network