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British Columbia, Canada is shaping the future of Clean Tech

British Columbia, Canada is shaping the future of Clean Tech


British Columbiais a globally recognized centre of innovation in clean technology. With over 270 Canadian cleantech and environmental technology companies employing over 13,900 people, B.C.is poised to generate $2.9 billion in revenue in 2017. Local companies excel in energy generation, transportation, building efficiency, waste management, industrial efficiency, water and waste water, energy transmission and storage and sustainable agriculture.
British Columbia’s cleantech companies are helping organizations and communities around the world implement effective, efficient solutions to tough environmental challenges. From mitigating the impacts of climate change and urbanization to delivering clean drinking water, British Columbia’s cleantech industry is at the forefront of sustainable development. Some examples of leading companies that call the province home:
Ballard Power Systems: Ballard Power Systems, Inc. is a global leader in PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cell technology. Ballard provides clean energy fuel cell products enabling optimized power systems for a range of applications, and has designed and shipped close to 150 MW of hydrogen fuel cell technology to date.
Corinex Communications: Corinex Communications Corp. provides technologies and consulting services in the energy sector, developing and manufacturing solutions for Smart Metering and Smart Grid infrastructure projects, with a focus on BPL (Broadband over Powerline) communications. Corinex is a pioneer in BPL technology, with over 1 million BPL modules and 14,000 gateways shipped worldwide thus far.
Harvest Power: Harvest Power is creating a more sustainable future by helping communities meet the challenges at the intersection of waste, agriculture and energy in the 21st century. They divert discarded organic materials from landfills and produce renewable energy and soil, mulch and natural fertilizer products through anaerobic digestion and composting.
Pinnacle Renewable Energy: Pinnacle Renewable Energy, Inc. was named British Columbia’s Exporter of the year in 2013. The company is the longest established pellet producer in Western Canada, operating six pellet plants across B.C. with a production capacity well over one million tons annually. The raw materials used to produce pellets were once considered waster and are now used to produce a critical renewable resource of energy for some of the largest electrical generating facilities in the UK, Japan, Italy and other countries for both commercial and residential consumers.
Axine Water Technologies: Vancouver based clean technology company Axine Water Technologies is a developer of a low-cost, chemical free solution for treating high concentrations of toxic organics, ammonia and other pollutants in wastewater.
IMW Industries: In August 2013, IMW Industries signed a one billion RMB (US$ 167 million), equipment purchase agreement with China Gas to supply up to 416 natural gas compressors and related technologies for the construction of up to 310 natural gas stations in China over the next three years. This is in addition to the 124 stations IMW has already equipped for China Gas in recent years.
With an abundance of natural resources and a welcoming business environment, British Columbia is making a clean future a reality today.
Powertech LabsInc:Powertech Labs Inc, BC Hydro’s subsidiary that specializes in clean energy consulting, testing, and systems integration, has been serving electrical, oil and gas companies, and automotive and electrical equipment manufacturers since 1989. It operates as a separate, for profit, commercial entity. In addition to providing technical and technology services to BC Hydro, Powertech serves a large number of clients in energy-related sectors across North America, Asia, Europe, and South America and beyond. Powertech is located on an 11 acre, 21-lab campus in Surrey and has approximately 140 employees. Powertech’s reach and reputation is global and it is recognized as a leader in technology and testing. In particular, Powertech commands a dominant position in North America.
Quadrogen:Quadrogen is a privately held clean-tech company based in Vancouver, Canada, that produces customizable biogas clean-up and processing solutions that allow waste water treatment plants, landfills and agricultural digesters to convert waste biogas into sources of clean, renewable heat and power. Incorporated in 2007, Quadrogen now has offices in Canada, United States, and India (Pune). Quadrogen also offers world-class engineering and design services including feasibility studies and custom manufacturing.
Bi-Pure Water:BI Pure Water’s pre-assembled compact water and wastewater treatment plants are renowned for their cost-effective and reliable performance. Since 1995 they have provided customized solutions for a wide spectrum of water treatment applications. Located close to the port of Vancouver, British Columbia, BI Pure Water designs, manufactures, and tests waste and water treatment systems before shipping complete package plants near and far; from BC and Alberta to the Arctic, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Saudi Arabia and Alaska. Perfecting the building and testing in-house is the modern method, minimizing expensive installation and testing time on the field.
Corvus Energy:Corvus Energy provides high power energy storage in the form of modular lithium Ion battery systems. Its purpose built, field proven battery systems provide sustained power to hybrid and fully electric heavy industrial equipment, including large marine propulsion systems. Corvus Energy is based in Richmond, British Columbia, with service office in Amsterdam and European branch office in Bergen, Norway.
As the leading battery system supplier for hybrid and electric commercial marine vessels—such as ferries, cruise ships, offshore supply vessels, and tugboats—Corvus Energy been honored with numerous environmental awards and is the only supplier to carry DNV, Lloyd’s Register, ABS and BV product Type Approvals. Corvus has the largest installed base of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) with the largest number of projects completed in the maritime industry.
British Columbia offers significant business advantages, including world-class educational institutions and centres of excellence for green research and technology development, and one of the highest ratios of clean technology companies to GDP in Canada. The city of Vancouver alone is home to 25 per cent of Canadian clean technology companies. The talent pool consists of 2.3 million well-educated workers, many of whom are multilingual. Over four per cent of the labour force already works in green jobs. With more than 90 per cent of localpowerderived from hydroelectric plants, supporting industry at affordable rates is easy in B.C.
Global Leaders Choose British Columbia
Investors and companies from Asia, Europe and the United States are discovering the financial and environmental benefits of investing in British Columbia. Companies with operations here include BP, Cisco, Daimler, Dow, Exxon Mobil, General Electric, Mercedes Benz, Motorola, Shell, Suncor, Volvo, Walmart, and Weichai Power.
The 11th Edition of Renewable Energy India Expo will have Aurora Solar Technologies, Inc. from British Columbia, Canada participate and present their solutions to Indian companies.
“Aurora Solar Technologies develops, manufactures and markets inline quality control systems for the photovoltaic cell manufacturing industry. Our products, installed in mass production worldwide, measure and map the results of critical cell fabrication processes, providing real-time visualization of material properties and true production tool performance. They provide process engineers and production-line operators with the means to rapidly detect and correct process excursions, material faults, limit variations, and optimize processes, thereby increasing yield and profit. India is an important market for clean tech companies from British Columbia and with India aiming to increase its solar installation capacity to 175 MW by 2022, Aurora Solar Technologies is keen to do business in India” says Gordon Deans, Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Aurora Solar Technologies.
About Trade and Invest British Columbia
Trade and Invest British Columbia provide a range of company specific market entry, research, consultancy and expansion services to help companies from British Columbia understand the opportunities in India, shape their strategy, and make informed decisions about exporting, investing in, and growing in India.
Some of our value added services include:
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2. Help companies understand the opportunities and challenges in key sectors, namely; Clean technology, Infrastructure, Natural Resources, Film & Media, ICT, and Lifesciences sectors.
We also help Indian companies who want to do business with British Columbia’s innovative and competitive manufacturers and service providers. We help them discover how they can profit from our world-class goods and services in clean technology, lifesciences, digital media & film production, as well as tourism, education, forestry, and mining. www.britishcolumbia.ca

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