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Composite biomass energy helps generate renewable energy in Japan

Composite biomass energy helps generate renewable energy in Japan


Toyohashi [Japan]: The construction, operation and maintenance of public facilities with private commercial support are increasing in Japan. This makes it possible to reduce expenditures and provide higher quality services. Through a public and private partnership with private finance initiative, the construction of a composite biomass energy facility has been completed and begun operating in Toyohashi city in Aichi prefecture.

This facility will combine the methane fermentation treatment of sewage sludge, human waste/septic tank sludge and food waste at a single facility, which, until now, had been treated at separate facilities, and to generate electric power. The remaining fermentation residue will be converted to fuel and energy.

“By mixing these sewage sludge, food waste and human waste/septic tank sludge together, become the mixed sludge as the material for fermentation. Putting into methane fermentation tank, keeping for about 20 days with temperature control, there will be methane fermentation occurs,” said a guide staff at JFE Engineering Corporation.

“We collect and treat sewage sludge, garbage, and human waste from 380,000 residents living in Toyohashi city, making it Japan’s largest combined biomass energy facility. We have received many inquiries from municipalities across the country. We expect this to become a model case, because it will reduce the cost of treating waste and perform treatment in a single facility,” added Yoko Yamaguchi, Assistant Manager, Toyohashi Biomass Project Team, JFE Engineering Corporation.

With rapid urbanisation advances in each country of Southeast Asia, the shortage of electrical power generation as well as the processing of sewage sludge and food waste has become a major problem.

Source : ANI
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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