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Delta retains No. 1 position in grid tied inverters in the Indian market

Delta retains No. 1 position in grid tied inverters in the Indian market


Delta was the top supplier for the period from January 1 to October 1, 2015 with a total market share of 22.7%.

No. 2 was listed as SMA with 18.1% (with both grid tied and off-grid inverters combined) and No. 3 was Su-Kam with 7.6% market share. This was the second year in a row that Delta was listed in the No. 1 position for grid tied inverters in the Indian market.

The total installed capacity of rooftop solar systems in India for the stated period is 525 MW and the Delta share until October 1 is listed as 120 MW.

There are several reasons for Delta’s remarkable success in the Indian solar inverter market:
Delta Group has had a long term presence in India with a widespread channel partner network and presence across all major cities.
The Delta India Solar inverter team has service engineers and warehouse locations across India through which they can offer timely support to solar customers.
Apart from post-sales support the solar inverter team also offers customers pre-sales and applications engineering support. The application engineering team can offer solutions for complex customer issues and tailor-made solutions such as reverse power flow protection, fuel-saving controllers for diesel generators and customized SCADA & monitoring solutions.
Delta offers the right products for both local and remote monitoring which makes for the right product, price and performance for a PV plant.
Delta has ready stocks of inverters across warehouses because of which delivery time has never remained a challenge for us.
Delta puts in extra effort towards key account management to accommodate different requirements across customers.
The Vice President of Delta’s Solar Inverter Division, Mr. Niranjan Nayak stated, “We are extremely happy to retain the No. 1 position for string inverters in India for the second consecutive year in a row and this reaffirms our customer’s faith in Team Delta having the right approach from products, pricing to post-sales customer support activities.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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