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Deutsche Windtechnik AG steps up its foreign operations

Deutsche Windtechnik AG steps up its foreign operations


The leading provider of manufacturer-independent wind turbine services, Deutsche Windtechnik AG, is stepping up its foreign operations, especially in Spain, Poland and the United Kingdom. By the end of 2015 the company will have 122 employees outside Germany, 43 more than at the start of the year. Deutsche Windtechnik aims to increase the proportion of foreign revenue from currently 12 per cent to 30 per cent over the next two to three years. The company is making its first ever showing at the EWEA annual event in Paris.

Due to the increasing number of customer enquiries from abroad, Deutsche Windtechnik AG has decided to vigorously expand its international service network. While 80 employees at six service locations in Spain are already looking after around 600 wind turbines, Deutsche Windtechnik wants to increase its number of staff in the United Kingdom to 30. In Poland the service provider aims to have wind turbines with a total output capacity of 400 megawatts under contract by the end of 2016.

New bases in Denmark, the Netherlands and France

Other core markets for the company are the Netherlands and Denmark, where Deutsche Windtechnik AG opened subsidiaries in September. The two wind farms in France that the company has had under contract since autumn will initially be looked after by the German subsidiary seebaWIND Service GmbH in Osnabrück, though Deutsche Windtechnik will shortly also be establishing its own subsidiary in France.

“The French market has very great potential for us due to the exceptionally high proportion of Nordex and Senvion turbines there. Thanks to our takeover of seebaWIND Service in June of this year we can now also provide competent service for these types of turbine”, explains Matthias Brandt, chairman of Deutsche Windtechnik AG.

The company has concluded a full maintenance contract for a wind farm with five Nordex N90 turbines close to the border in Momerstroff (Lorraine), while seebaWIND will be taking over the 24/7 remote monitoring of the wind farm in La Renardière on the Atlantic coast, consisting of six Senvion MM92 turbines, and also supporting the customer’s own service team as required.

“Whether we’re talking about major utilities, smaller operators, or investment companies – we have the right solution for the most varied customer needs and turbine types in every European country”, adds Brandt.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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