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E.ON’s renewables investments surpass €10 billion mark

E.ON’s renewables investments surpass €10 billion mark


A recent upgrade to Amrumbank West wind farm in the North Sea from 288 to 302 megawatts pushed E.ON’s net investments in renewables above €10 billion, more than any other German energy company.E.ON is a global leader in renewables as well, recently advancing to number two worldwide in offshore wind. By devoting a similarly high proportion of its investments to onshore wind the company has established a strong position in this segment too, primarily in the United States. E.ON has the world’s twelfth-largest onshore wind portfolio.

The renewable energy generated by E.ON assets makes a substantial contribution to climate protection. E.ON’s green generation fleet has so far displaced the emission of more than 60 million metric tons of carbon, about as much as a major city like Berlin emits in six years.The renewables arm E.ON established in 2007 is now, along with energy networks and customer solutions, a mainstay of its strategy. The growth continues. E.ON is currently building Colbeck’s Corner, a 200 megawatt onshore wind farm in Texas, and Rampion, a 400 megawatt offshore farm in the U.K. North Sea.

“We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished,” Michael Lewis, CEO of E.ON’s renewables business, said. “We’ll continue to invest and to work hard to make renewables competitive and therefore as cost-effective as possible for our customers.”To celebrate the milestone E.ON gave each of its approximately 2,500 employees at the E.ON campus in Essen a piece of cake with renewables-themed icing. Renewables CEO Lewis and colleagues from the E.ON renewables business did the serving.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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