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Electric vehicles can now be charged in new ways thanks to Mojo Green – EQ Mag

Electric vehicles can now be charged in new ways thanks to Mojo Green – EQ Mag


All-in-one EV power backup solution using POKT and QYK

The current world depends on the electronic world. In this case, what would you do if your mobile phone or electronic device, unfortunately, ran out of battery?

For mobile phones, laptops, etc., find an outlet to charge with a portable charger, or carry a power bank as a spare in case you don’t have access. But when it comes to electric cars, the mechanism is the same as a phone or other electronic product, an easy-to-use mechanism, but still slightly different.

If you encounter a situation where your electric car battery is dead on the road or while traveling, you can’t recharge it. This is unlike other electronic products that are powered by a power bank. For your EV, you will need to find a charging station or a plug point. There are many EV charging stations across the country, but are they available when and where we need them?

A Bangalore-based startup has found a solution to this problem with products called POKT and QYK.


POKT is a portable battery generator that is an all-in-one backup power solution. It can be used as an emergency power supply instead of a conventional inverter.

This POKT is a portable battery generator that can be carried anywhere there is no electricity. It consists of two components called a charger and a battery. This charger, inverter, or controller is its main component. Call it whatever you want, but Mojo Green calls it a charger. You can also directly connect and use electrical devices and charge them.

And another part is the battery. The POKT consists of a 3-kilowatt hour battery and a 3000-watt charger that converts the direct current from the battery into alternating current to these sockets, allowing electrical devices to be directly plugged in and used or charged.

For example, if you are driving a Tata Nexon EV car that consists of a 30 kWh battery and suddenly performance drops when using POKT, you can charge the Tata Nexon EV to 10%. – Kilowatt-hours – Bring your batteries. If this 10% battery is not enough to drive to the next charging station, you can increase the emergency power of the battery inverter. This means that four batteries can be connected in parallel to one charger, so the combined four batteries increase the battery reserve by 12 kWh. Due to the 3-kilowatt-hour capacity of the battery. This means you can connect up to four 3kWh batteries to one charger. With 4 batteries and a charger on the go, you can charge your Tata Nexon EV up to 40% when the batteries run out.

Remember it is not a fast charger. With this POKT charger, you can charge your electric car with just a portable charger. It’s like a mobile power bank that you can use to charge your electric car when you’re standing in the middle of the road and the battery suddenly dies.

And the most exciting thing about this Mojo Green POKT is that it can also be utilized as a backup power solution for homes, offices, professional jobs, small business purposes, and anywhere a generator is needed. By using this POKT simultaneously, you can charge or use 15 different electronic devices at the same time. It serves as an alternative to diesel generators, which are noisy and pollute the air. POKT is silent and requires no gas and no maintenance.

Equipped with USBC, USB, a battery level indicator, and sturdy outlets, you can easily charge your phone, laptop, camera, and more directly.

This inverter or charger weighs 21 kg and measures 520 mm long, 320 mm wide, and 358 mm high. As for the batteries, each battery weighs 35 kg and measures 520 mm long, 320 mm wide, and 266 mm high. This single battery can be replaced in 1.5-2 hours from a regular wall outlet. It can also be charged with a 2.5-kilowatt solar panel that can be purchased as an accessory for this inverter. If you purchase POKT with this solar panel, the maintenance cost will be zero. Mojo Green backs this product with his 5-year warranty, the battery lasts up to 3000 lifecycles, and it even comes with mobile app connectivity. You can monitor the status and all the details about this battery and charger. Finally, when it comes to the price of a single battery and charger, it starts at Rs 2.5 lakh. If you want to expand to more batteries, each additional battery costs Rs 1 lakh.


QYK is Mojo Green’s fast charging station on wheels.

We are all familiar with electric vehicle charging stations. If someone wants to start an EV charging station business, first of all, it needs sufficient capital, good space infrastructure and permission from relevant departments, and time to manage all these in this field.

And here Mojo Green, along with the above, came up with its QYK, a wheel-mounted fast-charging station. The QYK is mounted on wheels so you can take it with you wherever you need fast charging for your electric vehicle. QYK has two different variations called QYK 10 and QYK 25. Both are DC fast chargers.

QYK 10

The QYK 10 is powered by 12-kWh of its LFP chemistry battery and weighs up to 250 kg. It supports GBT and CCS chargers and can generate 10 kilowatts of output power. This QYK 10’s 12-kilowatt hour battery can be charged with 3.5-kilowatt input and features a 7-inch HMI touchscreen display with 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity. There’s also a dedicated app connection that lets you cycle through all the details of this fast-charging station.

Essentially, the QYK 10 has a 12-kWh backup battery in a fast-charging station that can deliver 10 kWh of power. That means you can charge your Nexon EV up to 40% with a 30 kWh battery with this 10 kWh DC fast charger.

QYK 25

QYK 25 is the second variant of Mojo QYK. It has similar characteristics to QYK 10, except for performance numbers. The QYK 25 receives a 30 kWh LFP battery and 25 kWh output. This weighs up to 400kg.

With the QYK 25, you can fully charge your Tata Nexon EV with a 30-kWh battery in less than an hour.

This battery can be charged at existing sockets. The main advantages of this QYK are fast charging, convenient charging, fully mounted on the wheel, and integration with software for easy operation and management. Moreover, since it is battery-operated, there is no need to rely on electricity. It is also customizable. Starting price of QYK is Rs 100,000. Somewhere you can feel the downside that is the weight of QYK. But there is a grip on it, apparently with an impeller attached. So, it should not be a big problem.

For safety, they used LFP chemistry batteries and provided ventilation for the battery and charger. We also integrated an intelligent BMS connected to dedicated software. You now have the proper security measures you need for your charging station.

Mainly, this QYK is for those planning to set up an EV Roadside Service. This works when an electric car owner stops in the middle of the road when the battery is completely discharged and calls roadside assistance. This also applies to EV fleet operators. Also, any retailer, community owner, or business leader who is willing to provide billing to residents and employees.

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Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network