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EQ Webinar- Leading PV Solutions for India’s Distributed Solar Market

EQ Webinar- Leading PV Solutions for India’s Distributed Solar Market


EQ Magazine conducted a webinar on Leading PV Solutions for India’s Distributed Solar Market on May 14, 2021 at 4:00 pm IST. The event was powered by GROWATT New Energy. Experts shared their views on this topic and discussed the concept, technology, challenges, future and many more related points in detail.

Ajay Reddy Executive Director-Premier Energies participated in the webinar as a Moderator. The other panellists were Shantanu Sirsath, Technical Head-India-Growatt New Energy, Atul Pachauri-AVP-O2 Power, Dipak Kumar Patel, Director Technical-Insolare Energy, Manish Dabkara, MD & CEO-EnKing International, Sudhir Pathak, Head- Engineering(Solar Grid, Rooftop & International)-Hero Future Energies, Sachin Agrawal, DGM – Solar-Godrej & Boyce and Saurabh Solanki, GM- Distributed Generation-Amp Energy.


Ajay Reddy, Executive Director, Premier Energies discussed the concept and necessity of the distributed generations. He said, “ The concept revolves around the fact that instead of having large solar plants concentrated at one location, these plants are smaller plants located in various parts of the country and that they generate power at different locations thus cutting down on the infrastructure.”

The first speaker, Dipak Kumar Patel, Director Technical, InSolare Energy discussed the large penetration levels of distributed renewable systems in power distribution systems.

He talked about the high penetration of distributed energy generations. He said, “Small scale solar is more feasible than other renewable sources.” He also captured few points which included voltage swing, power swing, harmonic and some of the possible solutions towards it or how some of the equipment or parts of the networks could be affected because of these factors.

He further said, “To sum it up, I see the voltage swing as the major challenge.” He stated, “The network has to be smarter, the policymaker has to be smarter to accommodate for kinds of changes and it is coming up as a difference in a swing actually rather than just some parameters which are being changed or being affected in the network.”

Manish Dabkara, MD & CEO-EnKing International, spoke next. He shared a presentation on Carbon Credit and Carbon Markets- Distributed Solar Projects. He informed about EnKing International and described Carbon Credits. He discussed the Carbon Credit Standards and Renewable energy Attributes. He elaborated the professional procedure for carbon credit project registration in detail.

He informed, “We provide end to end services to clients starting from document collection to revenue realization.” Further, he shared information on the types of services and carbon standards along with the future of Compliance and Voluntary Market. He concluded his presentation with suggestions.

Next speaker, Atul Pachauri, AVP, O2 Power discussed the future of small scale distributed generation in the case of utility and what is the future going ahead for those kinds of small distributed projects.

He discussed some challenges regarding scheduling and forecasting. He further discussed many more challenges and discussed some related suggestions.

He said, “ In my opinion, the future for distributed kind of system is very bright and electrifying subject to we are taking precautions today and can implement them tomorrow so that all those plants are running in a very smooth fashion.”

Shantanu Sirsath, Technical Head-India, Growatt New Energy shared a short presentation regarding his company in the distribution market and the different products that the company is offering.

He discussed the company’s brand in the global market and some of the leading solutions offered for the distributed segment.

He covered three topics including Growatt in the Global market, some solutions and some of the references. He spoke on sustainable growth, global leaders in the PV industry international honours and awards received by Growatt. In detail, he discussed the future-proofed battery ready PV solutions for home, Leading PV Solution for C&I, Lower LCOE for Utility-scale Solar and 24/7 uninterrupted green energy with ESS system.

Sachin Agrawal, DGM – Solar-Godrej & Boyce explained the system benefits in terms of improved reliability and power quality.  He said, “It is time for us as a solar industry that we should make a representation to all the secretaries at the various state level, as well as to various ministries which are involved in framing the regulations for the solar industry.” He further discussed some suggestions and proposals.

Saurabh Solanki, GM, Distributed Generation-Amp Energy discussed in detail the technical challenges and the commercial challenges faced by EPC and developers for the distributed generation.

Ajay Reddy summed up with a short note about the distributed generation. He said, “The concept of the Distributed generation comes to us from a small country like Germany and many European countries where they don’t have sufficient land space to install large projects.

The concept is successful in those countries and naturally in our places also it has emerged successful and useful. It is a thing of the future. The country and government have taken up many measures to ensure that this move goes forward.” The event concluded with a Q and A session.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network