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SB Energy Gets Solar Award-‘Project Developer of the Year 2020-2021- Gold’

SB Energy Gets Solar Award-‘Project Developer of the Year 2020-2021- Gold’


SB Energy receives the ‘Project Developer of the Year 2020-2021- Gold’ at India Solar Awards 2020-21 on May 26, 2021. Ravi Damaraju, VP- Business Development accepted the award on behalf of SB Energy. EQ organized the India National Solar eAwards on May 26 through virtual mode for the solar industry of India.

“Thank you so much on behalf of SB Energy. I and my colleagues Bimal Jindal, Director- SCM and Pawan Dua, General Manager- Projects would like to express our gratitude for this honour.

This recognition is in the account of a lot of efforts by each employee at SB Energy together with our partners, contractors, suppliers, the supporting government agencies and the complete renewable energy ecosystem,” said Ravi Damaraju.

VP- Business Development presented an overview of SB Energy and its operations across the world and in India. “Overall, SB Energy presents a 9 GWp platform.

Out of which, 7.3 GWp is in India including already operational 2000 MWp and additional 5325 MWp which will be operational shortly.  In the USA, we have a platform of 1.7 GWp that is under SB Energy in the process of development.”

“We basically have been developing these projects on the platform of most superior engineering design and project management practices. That is something we take pride in.

It has been based on these pillars of in-house strong design and engineering, optimum vendor selection and also operating on GW scale which we believe has been the secret of the magic potion that kind of has brought us to this stage.

There has been work that has been ongoing for the last three to four years and has been culminated in this present awards.” Ravi Damaraju also shared a glimpse of the journey where they started as a predominantly solar platform. He said, “As time went by, we also migrated to build and currently executing a 450 MW Hybrid project which is the biggest in the world.” He further informed about this in detail.

“Besides this, we are also proud of the awards that we have received along the spectrum of activities including the performance of the plants, the team, organizational practices, EHS and safety practices as well.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network