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Evenergi & Chemi Tech Group joins hands for E-Mobility in India, targets 10000 chargers and 2000 Electric buses in the next 3 years – EQ Mag Pro

Evenergi & Chemi Tech Group joins hands for E-Mobility in India, targets 10000 chargers and 2000 Electric buses in the next 3 years – EQ Mag Pro


Evenergi, a Sydney based company has decided to launch its operations in India. The company, which has active presence across 4 continents and is looking for global operations with India being the next target for its growth.

Evenergi provides Software and consultancy services to implement and optimize zero emissions transport fleets and networks for automotive manufacturers, governments, municipalities, fleet operators and charging infrastructure providers.

In their tool called BetterFleet, they provide a plethora of services to all the stakeholders, wherein, stakeholders can select suitable electric or lower emission vehicles from the list of vehicles available in the market. Stakeholders can also compare various vehicles and the available charging infrastructure and generate a report for their business case, making it easier to make decisions.

Evenergi also has solutions for Energy & Charging infrastructure planning, fleet analytics (forecasting & accounting emissions, battery use, KPIs etc.) and provide complete energy solutions for Bus Depots.

Evenergi will be acquiring an 80% equity in Snel Charge India, part of the Chemi Tech Group, which specializes in Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure management, civil & electrical infrastructure management and O&M operations. The new company will be a combination of the names of both the above companies.

The new venture will be bringing the BetterFleet software platform to the market as well as world leading advisory services in zero emissions transport. The entity also brings a range of capital partners they work with to develop build, own and operate charging infrastructure. Evenergi also has been working a lot with OEMs and was awarded a work with BYD recently wherein their analysis platform will be used for arrivals in different markets.

The company will be focusing on acquiring clients like municipalities, state transport agencies, automotive manufacturers, city transport corporations, public sector units and distribution companies. The companies partners use the BetterFleet platform to enable the leasing out the entire bus fleet to the stakeholders, thereby, reducing their requirements of high initial capex

This will encourage more & more organizations to switch to E-mobility. Speaking on occasion, Daniel Hilson, Founder of Evenergi remarked, “The Indian market is fully committed to zero emissions transport future, and we are excited to be working a strong local partnership to help to accelerate this change, bringing world best practice software and experience with major transit authorities, operators , municipalities and OEMs and then work with a fantastic local partner and our new local staff to ensure that the solutions work in the highly challenging and unique Indian context”.

Akarsh Gupta, Director, ChemiTech added that, “Evenergi is one of the most promising company in the Emobility space and has done some tremendous work in this segment across 4 continents. We welcome them to be a part of the Indian growth story and look forward to becoming a leading player in the E-mobility space along with them. The solutions being provided by them will make the electric fleets very efficient & will become really powerful tools for all the stakeholders”.

Vijay Singh Shekhawat, Director (Major Infrastructure & Urban Development), Australia Trade & Investment Commission also commented, “With changing dynamics in the EV space, India now presents a far greater opportunity for Australian businesses in the upcoming areas.

Setting up a base in India either on their own or through the apt joint ventures / partnerships (like Chemitech Group) to actively partake in developing and executing business opportunities is the key. I look forward to seeing some good commercial outcomes from this venture”.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network