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Exclusive Interview With Mr. James – Head of Sales for SEA & India, GoodWe Power Supply Techn. Co. Ltd.

Exclusive Interview With Mr. James – Head of Sales for SEA & India, GoodWe Power Supply Techn. Co. Ltd.

  1. How much Inverters have you supplied to India till now, what is the target/expectation in 2017-18.
  • We mainly focused on EU, AU and other markets in the past. With the expansion of our monthly capacity to 200MW and completion of required IEC certificates, we have officially set India as our globally strategic market, where we have put in place local service team &warehouse, and in due time to build India’s branch and production line to help hit our target of establishing GoodWe as a very leading brand here in India within 2017-18, as the accomplishment we have made in above mentioned markets.
  1. The recent aggressive bidding by various developers keeping Solar Tariffs in the price range of Rs.3.3 – 4.34 per kWh in various Solar Tenders…Whats your view on the viability, Costs & timeline pressures, Resource Challenges (Materials, ManPower, Execution, Grid Connection, Land Possession) etc…
  • We well understand how price sensitive Indian solar market is and are ready to take that challenge. The market is huge, so we will continue to enhance the level of localization by recruiting more local service and sales people to respond faster and more effectively to customers’ needs. We are very seriously evaluating the feasibility and approach to set up local production line here. GoodWe has been a worldwide reputable name for string and hybrid inverters. Our production and shipment have been scaling up steadily to an industry leading level, so without any compromises on materials and quality, we are able to make our inverters cost effective enough to service our strategic partners here in India.
  1. Kindly enlighten our readers on the performance of your Inverters in India in various geographic locations, customer feedback.
  • Every model of GoodWe inverters is designed after thorough study of market trend and customer’s preferences. Before entering into Indian market, we conducted variously rigid tests on our inverters under extremely hot and humid environment that Indian market features. Besides having traditionally popular models from single phase 1kW up to three phase 75kW, we also come to India with such unique models as 1)- 50kW and 60kW with 400Vac in 4MPPT, which proves greatly popular for Indian commercial and industrial rooftops; 2)- Smart Three Phase 4kW/5kW/6kW/8kW/9kW/10kW, eyeing on the fast growing residential net-metering installations.
  1. Present some noteworthy projects, case studies of solar plants built using your solar Inverters
  • In last August, we won a 5.6MW project for TT Circuit Assen in Netherlands, after several rounds of strict testing procedures and comparisons among many brands from the world.
  1. Please describe in brief about your company, directors, promoters, investors, its vision & mission
  • GoodWe was founded in 2010, with major investors such as JXT group- an Apply and Samsung’s main supplier for mobile electronic connectors, and also some investments from the government.

  1. What is the size of your company in terms of manufacturing capacities, growth chart, future expansion plans, revenues, shipments, ASP’s, financial figures,
  • GoodWe is gaining increasing popularity across the world. Our manufacturing capacity has been more than tripled as it was two years ago, to a current level of 200MW per month. As a well established name in those traditional markets such as Europe and Australia, we are enjoying quite stable growth. Now with the great contribution from emerging markets, India, South America, South East Aisa to be mentioned, we are poised to having more growth in the coming years.
  1. What are your plans for India, your view on the GOI target of 100GW Solar Power by 2022.
  • Previously, many people would think it’s a too high target to hit. But during the past years’ development, we all see what huge potential the market holds.When I travelled in different regions of India, many blackouts were encountered, so the country is in real needs of alternative energy. Solar is keeping becoming more affordable. We are sure that India will continue to be one of the most important engines for global solar market development.
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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