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From Experience to Value, Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV Solution Makes its Presence in the Solar System Taiwan Exhibition

From Experience to Value, Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV Solution Makes its Presence in the Solar System Taiwan Exhibition


The Solar System Taiwan Exhibition was held in Taipei. Solar System Taiwan, an exhibition held by the Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA), has become one of the most important global photonics exhibitions, and attracted more than 30,000 visitors from all over the world in 2016. In this exhibition, Huawei demonstrated its FusionSolar Smart PV Solution, which features high energy yield, smart operation and maintenance (O&M), and high security and reliability thanks to its string-based management and global automatic O&M which is digital and simplified. In addition, Huawei showcased its string inverter models, including SUN2000-12KTL/33KTL which has been widely used and SUN2000-36KTL/42KTL which is newly developed. These string inverters apply to power plants of different scales.

The newly-developed Huawei SUN2000-36KTL/42KTL string inverter provides eight precision string detection routes, and can decrease the fault location time by 80%. The product uses Huawei-proprietary wireless communications technology–Power Line Communication, and requires no communications cable. A fuseless design is adopted to eliminate the risk of fire at the DC side. Using natural cooling and protected to IP65, the product is applicable to the marine climate of Taiwan and can resist high temperature, high humidity, and salt mist corrosion. With no consumable parts and maintenance free, the product can ensure long-term stable running of power plants for up to 25 years. Huawei’s high quality products and innovative solutions have won the recognition of PV customers from Taiwan.

The PV industry is mushrooming in Taiwan and has a huge market potential. In the next 10 years, the installed capacity target is up to 20 GW, with rooftop and fish pound PV power plants as key projects. Because rooftop and fish pound PV power plants are small in scale and scattered, PV plant owners are faced with major O&M challenges, and is in desperate need of an effective central management solution to cut the O&M cost. In this condition, based on the vision of “Simplification and Digitalization”, Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV Solution enables highly automated PV system O&M through “Cloud-Pipe-Device” system architecture. The solution integrates smart data collection, high-speed communication, and cloud computing technology. The fully-digitalized smart PV plant can accurately detect information about each string and the states of key components to remotely manage PV power plants. The Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV solution makes power system simpler, caters for the urgent needs of PV customers in Taiwan, and has become the focus upon its debut. Top PV players such as Sino-American Silicon, Chailease, and Tatung held in-depth discussion and established good cooperation relationships with Huawei during the exhibition.

As the world’s leading enterprise in the field of smart PV, Huawei launched the FusionSolar Smart PV Solution that is integrated with globally advanced digital information, Internet technologies and photovoltaic technologies. Since then, FusionSolar Smart PV Solution has been under quick
and massive application. Based on reports released by global consultancies IHS and GTM, the shipment of Huawei inverters rank No. 1 in the world in 2015, and the Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV Solution has become a mainstream solution in the industry. Huawei will help Taiwan upgrade its PV industry, and provide support for the PV industry of Taiwan to develop faster and better.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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