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Further extension for “Kivivaara”: Nordex rounds off the project at 90 MW

Further extension for “Kivivaara”: Nordex rounds off the project at 90 MW


Good start to the third quarter for Northern Europe in Finland: The Nordex group has received a further call-off from its frame agreement with the Finnish asset management company, Taaleri. For the wind farm “Kivivaara-Peuravaara”, the manufacturer will supply eleven additional N131/3000 turbines. With this order, the customer has raised the number of turbines for this project to 30.

The site of “Kivivaara-Peuravaara” is challenging: surrounding forest and hills cause turbulences and, in addition, the temperature is often close to freezing point. Therefore, the Nordex group will install the wind turbines on 144 m tubular steel towers to make use of the less-turbulent wind. Furthermore, the manufacturer will also equip the machines with its own anti-icing system to prevent ice formation on the rotor blades, in turn reducing any potential downtime. In icing conditions, the system can increase yields by up to 25 percent. All previously-ordered turbines for “Kivivaara-Peuravaara” also include this anti-icing configuration.

The third phase of the project, which by itself totals 33 MW, complements the two former phases of “Kivivaara-Peuravaara” currently under construction, consisting of 19 turbines with a combined capacity of 57 MW. Nordex will provide full service for the whole 90 MW wind farm for a minimum 15 year period. While Taaleri financed the first two phases of the project via the fund Tuulitehdas II, the more recently-ordered turbines are already part of their new fund, Tuulitehdas III.

Executive Vice President for Northern Europe, Kim Wichmann-Hansen, comments, ”Whilst our local sales team has been busy completing the above contracts with Taaleri for the 2017 installation campaign, our Project Management team has been equally busy installing this year’s planned turbines of the same generation type. I am happy to see that we are making good progress and on track with our plans for installing the largest of our turbines.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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