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GCL Showcases Intelligent Energy Concept on “GCL Day” at Astana Kazakhstan Expo 2017

GCL Showcases Intelligent Energy Concept on “GCL Day” at Astana Kazakhstan Expo 2017


Golden Concord Group Limited (GCL), a global leading renewable energy solution company, hosted “GCL Day” at the Astana Kazakhstan Expo 2017 on July 30th. The company, as the only invited partner with solar manufacturing capacity, has showcased to the world its expertise in intelligent energy solutions. The Astana Kazakhstan Expo 2017 is the first world expo initiated by central Asian countries to feature renewable energy development and green economy. GCL, as a leading green power provider, presented its intelligent energy solution that combines PV power generation, energy storage and conservation technology as well as wind power generation at the expo. On “GCL Day”, the company comprehensively demonstrated its commitment to improving efficiency and reliability in integrated green energy solutions via seminars, video, and an exhibition of the paintings themed “Green Power, Beautiful Homeland”.

GCL also demonstrated its new achievements in solar power technologies on the day. Its self-developed micro grids that integrates various clean energy resources grabbed wide attention from both domestic and foreign visitors. Moreover, GCL’s experimental programs of building intelligent green energy towns in China was also in place, which spurred interest of many local officials. “China is leading the world in the energy development, while the industry in Kazakhstan is still in its initial stage. Therefore, we are very willing to learn from China advanced experience and working with their governments and companies to better improve the scenario of our renewable energy,” said Ms. Zhukenova, deputy of the Kazakhstan’s renewable energy department. Ms. Shu Huan, leader of the China Pavilion also expressed the hope that GCL could further work with the Belt & Road countries via the Expo to develop the energy industry and to eventually receive good results.

Shu Hua, the president of GCL-SI, said, “We are very pleased to be invited to join the expo. Through the platform, GCL tries to provide a channel for all visitors to know better our products, innovation expertise and our efforts in driving green and new energy utilization in the world.”

About GCL

Golden Concord Group Limited is a global energy group that specializes in clean energy, new energy and related industries. It is the world-top manufacturer of silicon materials with advanced technologies. It also boasts itself as the largest-sized, technology-leading PV material manufacturer in the world. The group holds several listed companies such as GCL-Poly, GCL System Integration and GCL New Energy and has establishments across 31 provinces (cities and autonomous regions) in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, as well as the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Djibouti and many other places worldwide.

GCL supplies 30% of highly efficient PV materials to the world. Its total installed capacity of PV power stations ranks the second in the world. GCL has formed the most integrated PV industrial chain in the world which boast of the largest collection of intellectual property.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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