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General Membrane and MiaSolé Announce a Strategic Partnership Agreement

General Membrane and MiaSolé Announce a Strategic Partnership Agreement


General Membrane SpA, the premiere Italian provider of bitumen, synthetic and metal roof waterproofing membranes, and MiaSolé have entered a strategic partnership agreement. General Membrane will integrate the MiaSolé flexible thin-film CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide) FLEX module-the most efficient thin-film lightweight flexible module with an aperture efficiency rating of up to 17%-into their new General Solar PV FLEX, an innovative solution for the waterproofing sector. General Solar PV FLEX is composed of MiaSolé flexible modules adhered to a General Membrane bituminous or synthetic waterproofing layer. General Solar PV FLEX becomes an integral part of the roof and offers the double benefit of waterproofing and generation of electricity, and can be used on new and existing flat or sloping roofs as well as roofs with variable geometry, such as curves.

The MiaSolé FLEX module has several features that make it ideal for General Membrane’s waterproof membranes. In addition to its high efficiency rating, the low weight of the module (<2.9kg/m2) allows installation on roofs that cannot support the weight of traditional glass solar panels. The peel-and-stick application allows the FLEX module to be fully integrated into the membrane, conforming to curved surfaces and offering superior resistance to wind. The MiaSolé FLEX Series module is IEC 61646 & IEC 61730 and UL 1703 certified.”We are proud of this agreement between our company and MiaSolé that is in accordance with the mission of General Membrane SpA. The role of the roof is changing and modern waterproofing systems must meet, through innovation, the new functions of the roof, ensuring durability. The partnership with MiaSolé and its innovative FLEX modules allows us to continue in our proposal of BIPV systems and our commitment towards the environmental solutions,” said Maurizio Codognotto, President and CEO of General Membrane SpA.

“The MiaSolé FLEX module helps General Membrane create solutions for today’s challenges integrating solar power generation into buildings,” says Anil Vijayendran, Vice President of Product Sales and Marketing at MiaSolé. “We are pleased with this partnership with General Membrane. Working with General Membrane highlights our commitment to expand the solar energy ecosystem with this integrated General Solar PV FLEX waterproofing membrane.””This partnership with General Membrane is an example on how the MiaSolé FLEX module can be used to create unique solutions preserving the integrity of the roof and rewards the choice of Hanergy to invest in flexible CIGS technologies,” said Li Ming, CEO of Hanergy Europe, MiaSolé ‘s sales partner in Europe.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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