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Gensol Engineering commissions 10.6 MW rooftop solar project in MP – EQ

Gensol Engineering commissions 10.6 MW rooftop solar project in MP – EQ


In Short : Gensol Engineering successfully commissions a 10.6 MW rooftop solar project in Madhya Pradesh, contributing to the state’s renewable energy capacity and advancing sustainable energy initiatives.

In Detail : Gensol Engineering Limited , a prominent player in solar power EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) services and electric mobility, has announced the successful culmination of a significant 10.6 MWp rooftop solar project for Trident Limited in Madhya Pradesh. This milestone project showcases Gensol’s expertise in sustainable energy solutions and reinforces Trident Limited’s commitment to clean energy initiatives.

The project features high-efficiency Bi-facial solar modules meticulously chosen to optimize energy output and ensure durability. This innovative approach aligns with India’s renewable energy targets and contributes to the development of a resilient green energy infrastructure.

With close to 20,000 solar panels, this expansive rooftop solar plant is projected to offset nearly 11,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually, marking a significant environmental impact. Trident Limited’s adoption of clean energy signifies its dedication to environmental stewardship and drives progress towards a cleaner future. The project serves as a beacon of inspiration for industries worldwide, showcasing the potential of solar energy in fostering sustainability.

Commenting on the successful commissioning, Mr. Ali Imran Naqvi, CEO (EPC Business) at Gensol, highlighted the project’s magnitude, ranking among the top five largest rooftop solar ventures globally, with a rooftop area exceeding 70,000 square meters. He emphasized Gensol’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and executing complex projects efficiently. The collaboration with Trident Limited underscores their joint leadership in sustainable manufacturing and sets a compelling example for global industries.

Gensol leveraged its expertise in design and execution to maximize the available rooftop space at Trident’s Budhni plant, ensuring optimal utilization of solar energy.

The completion of this project highlights the transformative potential of collaboration between industry leaders. Trident Limited’s adoption of rooftop solar technology marks a significant step towards environmental responsibility and carbon footprint reduction.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network