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  8. Government funds are being misused: Ram Singh Munda
Government funds are being misused: Ram Singh Munda

Government funds are being misused: Ram Singh Munda


Ram Singh Munda, president of the 20-Point Programme Implementation Committee, Jamshedpur block, on Sunday alleged that the funds released on the recommendations of the 14th Finance Commission for the panchayats of Potka and Jamshedpur blocks were being grossly misused. He said that scams were involved in the purchase of solar lights, submersible pumps, water tankers and fans. He said the government ruling set for such purchases was being flouted with impunity.

Munda alleged that corruption was involved in the purchase of solar light installed near Middle Sarjamda panchayat secretariat. He said the light was not purchased but repaired by the authorities. In the same panchayat, a solar light was not changed, but its battery was replaced, he said. Earlier, too, the solar lights installed near the Community Development Centre of Eastern Kalimati panchayat were never seen lit, giving rise to the possibility of scams in the purchase of solar lights, he said.

Munda demanded that the district administration should form teams in all 55 panchayats of the district and conduct a thorough probe into the allegations of anomalies. He said that stringent legal action should be taken against the government offices, mukhiyas and agencies supplying material for the said projects. Replying to a question, Munda said the state government had promised a corruption-free government to its people and hence any effort on party of anyone to block the path of the government will not be tolerated. Munda further said that a list of certain corrupt people in the area will be sent to the state government for action.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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