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Govt Mulling Subsidised Solar Water Pumps For Farmers In All States Soon

Govt Mulling Subsidised Solar Water Pumps For Farmers In All States Soon


In a move to promote farm activities using solar power in the country, mostly in rural areas, the Central Government is mulling subsidised solar water pumps of different capacities (horsepower or HP) for farmers in almost all states soon. The subsidy of such pumps is expected to raise upto 95 per cent for farmers and it will vary from state to state, depending upon their agricultural production and demand. The cost of the rest amount will be borne by both Central and State Governments.

“The Government is in process to provide solar water pumps in subsidised rates to the farmers of almost all states in the country. Haryana has already started this initiative, and I think other states will follow soon. The aim of Government is to ease the farm activities in productive way and ease the farm activities across the country, mostly in rural areas,” said sources in the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.

When asked about the quantum of subsidies as proposed by the Government(s) for farmers, the official said, “It is the state’s discretion. As per the demand and production activities of the farmers, the concerned state will take the decision in this regard. Besides, the Central Government will support the state if found any lacking in the move,” the sources said.

It is expected that the subsidy may vary from 75 to 95 per cent to meet the demand of the farmers, while the cost of pumps from 5 to 25 per cent will be borne jointly by both Central and State Governments.

Recently, the Haryana Government announced that it will offer 90 per cent subsidy to promote solar water pumps in 5 HP and 10 HP pumps in the current financial year. Under the initiative, farmers will need to bear just 10 per cent cost while the rest will be shared between the Central and State Governments as financial assistance for setting up 3,050 such pump sets in the state.

Keeping farmers’ condition in view, the Government has been proactive in its effort to help farmers in many ways, such as interest subvention schemes for farm loans, subsidies in fertiliser and offering subsidised solar pumps for their farm use as well. In the last Budget presented by the Modi Government, which announced many sops for farmers, triggering hope for almost all agriculture-related companies to encash it and grow their business. For instance, solar water pump makers also sought Centre’s help to promote their business in the interest of the farmers of the country.

In line with the Government’s initiative, Shakti Pumps Chairman and Managing Director Dinesh Patidar said, “Renewable energy is going to be the future of Indian power sector with greater significance to solar pumping systems. I think it will prove to be highly beneficial to Indian rural landscape with technological advancements.”

“Drip Irrigation systems with solar water pumps will be a key driver to give a fillip to the Indian agriculture economy. It not only supports to conserve the energy but also helps to increase the farmer’s income with better crop quality,” he added.On subsidy front, another Shakti Pump official said, “If attractive capital subsidies are offered, the cost and affordability issues can be overcome and solar pumps will be become the first and best choice of every farmer in the country as there will no recurring cost for solar pumps like normal electrical pumps.”

On 70th Independence Day’s address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said, “We have laid emphasis on energy, specifically renewable energy in our country. That was a time, when after so many years of independence, we started working on wind energy. Within a period of last one year we have increased it up to 40 per cent. So this is the scale of up acceleration. Whole world is focussing on solar energy. We have increased it approximately 116-118 per cent. This is not only a substantial incremental change, but it is a huge leap forward. We intend to enhance the things in quantum.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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