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Growatt will showcase smart solar technology at INTERSOLAR SOUTH AMERICA 2017

Growatt will showcase smart solar technology at INTERSOLAR SOUTH AMERICA 2017


Growatt will be at INTERSOLAR SOUTH AMERICA 2017 in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Stand G43 on Aug 22~Aug24 to showcase its intelligent solar solutions for commercial & residential rooftops and utility-scale applications, including the popular inverters Growatt1000S-3000S, 2500MTL-S-5500MTL-S,10000UE-20000UE,30000TL3-S-50000TL3-S.
The Chinese pioneering cost-effective PV technology leader Growatt, a young fast-growing company, will be highlighting solar solutions, and will offer professional introduction for the applications and service at the stand.

Visitors to stand G43 will be able to learn about intelligent solar installation and applications with the higher reliability and top efficiency levels, and the integration of renewables between the sunlight and the grid, even the energy storage.

Growatt will showcase innovative Growatt1000S-3000S that enables good performance, wide input voltage range, internal DC switch,Transformerless GT topology, compact design, Ethernet/RF technology/Wi-Fi, sound control, as well as easy installation.
By integrating further innovations, installations will be simpler and more cost-effective and end-users will gain more value from their investments. By embedding all the intelligence needed to manage a solar system safely and productively, Growatt1000S-3000S is a good solution.

Growatt 2500MTL-S-5500MTL-S
Also on stand G43, Growatt will be showing its string inverters 2500MTL-S-5500MTL-Sfor PV power generation. The series products are popular for the features like double MPPT Tracker, MPPT tracking accuracy more than 99.5%,Max Efficiency 97.9%, European Efficiency 97.4%,transformerless design and high power density, lighter and more convenient installation.

Growatt 10000UE-20000UE
In addition, Growatt will highlight the Growatt 10000-20000UE, which is adopting intelligent technology to be marketing for its functionality like transformerless, compact design, multi MPP controller, MTL – String, Ethernet/RF technology/WiFi,Sound control, easy installation, including DC input voltage up to 1000V.

The other major product on Growatt’s stand is 30000TL3-S-50000TL3-S, a revolutionary solar inverter that is smart string monitoring and fuse protection, and has sound control, multi MPP controller. Its high performance and reliability are very preferred by the customers and the installers.

Alongside the innovative products on its stand, Growatt experts will take to the stage throughout the exhibition to present the latest thinking.

About Growatt
Growatt was founded in May,2010, over 5GW installation worldwide, a fast-growing and professional company, focusing on photovoltaic inverters and storage solution, famous as a world leading manufacturer and provider of cost-effective photovoltaic inverters with high efficiency. Growatt offers a full range of solar inverters from 1kW to 2.52MW, and energy storage solutions for on-grid and off-grid applications, as well as smart home energy management solution. Growatt’s solar inverters has exported to more than 100 countries in Europe, North America ,Australia, Asia, Africa and Latin America, and get much appreciation from global clients. Growatt keeps the leading Chinese inverter manufacturer and fights for the largest user-side intelligent energy solution provider. www.ginverter.com

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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