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  8. `In-Demand` BORG Energy’s Solar Panels hits Indian market shelves
`In-Demand` BORG Energy’s Solar Panels hits Indian market shelves

`In-Demand` BORG Energy’s Solar Panels hits Indian market shelves


Buoyed by strong demand from the Indian market for its latest solar power solutions, clean energy giant BORG Energy Pvt. Ltd is now selling its Solar Photo Voltaic Panels in the Indian marketplace, offering Indian consumers greater accessibility to latest and most efficient clean energy solutions.

Borg Energy India, the subsidiary of the US solar power conglomerate, Borg Inc has changed its sales strategy vis a vis the Indian market after the market responded more than positively to its newly introduced solar power solutions.

BORG, whose sales strategy was hitherto limited to supply/sell only its turnkey Solar Photo Voltaic Power Solutions, will now Be Selling Solar Photo Voltaic Panels separately in India considering the exponential demand.

The Solar Photo Voltaic Panels manufactured and supplied by Borg are double anodized, and entail the highest cell efficiency of silicon cells as measured at standard test conditions.

Some of the other remarkable features of the Borg Solar Photo Voltaic Panels Include – Low Temperature Deposition , Low Temperature Coefficient , Most Efficient Functioning Even Under Shaded Conditions , Thinnest Silicon Cells For Light Trapping , Superior Product Quality , Genuine & Verified Components , Large Surface Area , 25 Year Performance Guarantee.

“We are quite overwhelmed by the response we received from the Indian market after we introduced our power solutions here. What we are now witnessing in the Indian market is a renewed interest in solar energy, which is here to stay as the industry offers more efficient and durable solutions. Unlike the 1990s when the solar energy push was mostly amateurish, this time the industry and consumers want to adopt clean energy on a more sustainable basis. This is the reason why our recently introduced products and solutions received a tremendous welcome. We therefore believe that apart from offering comprehensive solutions, selling panels separately is the right thing to do to offer more variety in the product portfolio,” said Dr Boaz Augustin, Jr, Chairman & Managing Director – Asia Pacific Region, BORG India.

Borg Energy offers comprehensive installation as well as maintenance services along with its power solutions. By selling its solar panels on a stand along basis, the company wants to give Indian consumers – commercial as well as domestic – greater options, accessibility and freedom to adapt its products according to their needs.

BORG’s Solutions have been customized for India and the solar powered systems are designed with advanced technology by creating a completely new energy value chain that links renewable and traditional power generation, improves reliability, reduces pollution, and enhances utilization.

The company is confident its products will revolutionize the Indian clean energy market.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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