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Indiagosolar.in rolls out first ever online ecosystem for Indian Solar Industry

Indiagosolar.in rolls out first ever online ecosystem for Indian Solar Industry


Indiagosolar.in, India’s first ever e-info marketplace rolls out its comprehensive service offerings, starting with basic information, consultancy to project execution and post implementation service across institutional and retail customers. The company provides a unique platform that offers information, technical advisory services & multiple options to buy & sell solar products & services online. IndiaGoSolar also facilitates financing through banking partners, government subsidies, and loans available to customers, while purchasing a solar product or solution, thereby bringing complete transparency on each transaction. The platform also helps buyers identify the right solar products, projects and services best suited to their needs and make all relevant technical & commercial information available to support buyers making a prudent purchasing decision. The company also puts in a lot of effort to raise the quality standards of existing solar products and services available in the market and reduce customer’s worries related to technology, warranties, financing, transportation, installation and after sales service & repair of solar products and systems.

Indiagosolar.in lists only those integrators, EPC and manufacturers on their platform which are already empanelled by MNRE and state agencies. To ensure authenticity and credibility, each of these companies go through a systematic process of scrutiny before they become channel partners or system integrators. All other smaller & motivated solar players can become IGS affiliates. Applicants are checked thoroughly before they can find affiliation on Indiagosolar.in in order to market & install products and services. Speaking on the inspiration behind founding Indiagosolar.in, Dr. Harish Ahuja, Founder & CEO, Indiagosolar.in, commented, “Indian customers should have the choice to choose its own electricity supplier and if they can own their source of electricity generation on their roof, it is much better. Once the Government laid down the ambitious goal to set up 40 GWs solar roof top capacity, we decided to build a marketplace to allow people to freely buy & sell solar products & services online. Unlike older times, the solar industry in India has now evolved, driven by industry landscape, competition, fast evolving technology and ever decreasing cost.”

He further added, “Moreover, we seek to bridge the current gap in access to information about the solar market. It is for all those people intending to buy high tech high value solar products/projects but lacking knowledge of adequate size suitable for them, product life-span, safety, working modules, installation times, tax savings and available financing infrastructure. This is where our online marketplace can provide the right information & advisory on solar product technology, multiple suppliers, real-time price comparison, economic and commercial benefits, and options of purchasing standardised projects and delivery & installations. Besides, helping customers to find the right financing partner and facilitate the transaction online.”

The key offerings of Indiagosolar includes an exclusive range of innovative, best-of-breed solar products and services, hosts several EPC players and suppliers and facilitates 24X7 shopping from anywhere, anytime, across India. From a humble beginning with 1 solar product supplier on board to presently having more than 42 manufacturers, 20 EPC players, 10 financial consultants, the company has been able to chart a high octane growth path, considering the constraints and inhibitions the industry faces regarding buying and selling of solar products and services online. Some of the initial road-blocks that the brand faced in its early days pertain to Government’s over-interference in the sector, regulatory delays on net-metering policy, unavailability of industry accepted standards for solar products and end-consumers inhibitions of adopting solar as an alternative source of energy. Currently the company has a foot-print all across India supported by a well-entrenched partner & affiliate network and tie ups with 6-7 major PSU banks.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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