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Ingeteam to exhibit at AWEA WINDPOWER 2017 after enjoying steady growth in U.S. market

Ingeteam to exhibit at AWEA WINDPOWER 2017 after enjoying steady growth in U.S. market


Ingeteam, an independent global supplier of electrical conversion equipment, announced today that it will present its full range of wind energy drive train products at AWEA WIND POWER. Ingeteam reported record performance last year, with deliveries reaching a peak volume of 5 GW of new capacity in 2016 alone, making the Spanish company the world’s number one supplier of wind power converters. Thanks to its steady growth in the USA, Ingeteam is well on its way to reach its local job target ahead of time. Supported by positive sales since opening its U.S. manufacturing plant in 2011, Ingeteam is now employing over 190 employees out of Milwaukee, WI. If Ingeteam maintains the trend, it could reach its 275 jobs target well before 2020. “Most of our new hires have come to strengthen our manufacturing capabilities, so most of them are part of our production team”, said Aitor Sotes, CEO of Ingeteam Inc., the company’s U.S. subsidiary.

This data clearly validates the jobs growth reported by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and AWEA in the beginning of the year underscoring the incredible impact of wind power in creating American jobs. More Americans now work in wind than in nuclear, coal, natural gas or hydroelectric power plants. Since its establishment in 1995, Ingeteam has commissioned almost 24,000 wind power converters worldwide, accounting for 36,414 MW of installed capacity, more than any of its competitors. “2016 was a great year: we increased the volume of our deliveries by 32% compared to 2015. These outstanding results are due to our ability to constantly stay ahead of the curve and minimize the LCoE of customers. Our goal, going forward, is to offer ever increasing performance, lifetime and reliability, with a focus on permanent innovation”, commented Ana Goyen, Global Managing Director of Ingeteam’s Wind Business Unit.

At booth #2860, Ingeteam will showcase its power converters, generators, turbine controllers, Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS), SCADA management systems, as well as O&M services for onshore and offshore wind farms. Ingeteam offers low and medium voltage power converters up to 12 MW for onshore and offshore applications, optimized for DFIG and FC topologies. Full power converters specifically designed for each generator technology (PMG, IG, EESG) and air cooled, air/water cooled and full water cooled solutions for harsh environments, achieving industry-leading efficiency and reliability; and compliance with the strictest grid codes. Ingeteam will also exhibit its Ingesys CMS tool for the monitoring of vibrations, supervision and status diagnostics of wind turbines.

The Ingeteam Wind O&M Division, with more than 6.5 GW under O&M Services, will present a wide portfolio of Wind O&M Services like Scheduled Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, Full Service Agreements, EoWI and Blades Services. Similarly, visitors will find INDAR´s wide range of wind generators, manufactured in different topologies (DFIG, DFM and PMG). Overall Indar wind generators are recognized for their high efficiency and robustness, having obtained in parallel the recognition of the most demanding energy utilities and the approval of the certification bodies and standards worldwide (including UL).

Finally, Ingeteam will present INGECON WIND FIX2VAR SPEED, a ground-breaking autonomous power conversion system that increases the Annual Energy Production (AEP), lifetime and grid-performance of fixed-speed wind turbines by enabling them to transform to variable-speed machines to best match wind conditions.
For more information please visit www.ingeteam.com

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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