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ISM Connect Launches Sun Media Network, Outfits Terrible Herbst with Solar-Powered EV Charging

ISM Connect Launches Sun Media Network, Outfits Terrible Herbst with Solar-Powered EV Charging


DOYLESTOWN, Pa.: ISM Connect launched its Sun Media Network by installing and activating dozens of mobile solar generators (MSGs) at Terrible Herbst gas stations and convenience stores throughout Las Vegas. ISM will deploy 150 MSGs at Terrible Herbst’s locations by the end of the year as it builds the next-generation digital out of home (DOOH) network in direct response to increasing demands for renewable energy.

The off-grid, solar-powered MSGs can charge electric vehicles (EVs), provide sustainable lighting, and engage customers through monetizable, high-definition smart screens that allow for customized venue messaging and advertising. The screens have been shown to increase visitor dwell time by an average of 50%.

Terrible Herbst was looking for new ways to drive customers from its gas pumps into its convenience stores. The MSGs allow it to display special offers and coupons on the smart screens and use engagement analytics to better understand what motivates its customer base. At the same time, it’s building a framework for supportable, monetizable EV charging, contributing to the larger push for EV charging infrastructure spearheaded by the state of Nevada.

“Electric cars won’t catch on until there’s infrastructure to support them,” said Bryan Breeden, Executive Director of Marketing at Terrible Herbst. “We’re leading the way by deploying more charging stations for electric vehicles, supported by the Sun Media Network. As we expand the availability of those units for customers who demand it, we also have an opportunity to engage with our customers and offer high value promotions.”

The MSGs combine OffGrid Power Solutions’ Energy Star-certified MSGs with ISM’s smart screen technology and are set for deployment in strategic locations around the U.S., including convenience stores, stadiums, universities, and big-box retail. The BoldVu® displays are provided by ISM Connect partner LG-MRI.

“We’re harnessing the engagement achievable through DOOH to make sustainable lighting and electric vehicle charging a revenue-generator through the Sun Media Network,” said Jeff Hutchins, Vice President, Sun Media Network at ISM Connect. “Las Vegas is just the start. We plan to expand to Houston and Orlando in the coming months. By making solar-powered lighting and charging more sustainable for retailers and venues, we can make lighting and transportation more sustainable for the planet.”

About ISM Connect
ISM Connect is building the next generation digital out of home network of consumer engagement technology. ISM’s digital screen network improves the visitor experience and enables brand building via on-screen advertising. Through AI technology, our content management and situational awareness solutions deliver premium experiences and provide valuable audience insights. For more information, visit www.ismconnect.com.

Source: ISM Connect
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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