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ITI in Puducherry goes solar

ITI in Puducherry goes solar


10 kw solar panels installed at a cost of Rs. 8.8 lakh

The Government Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Nettapakkam will go down in the history of Puducherry as the first educational institute to go completely solar. The facility was inaugurated at ITI in Nettapakkam by Welfare Minister M. Kandasamy on Monday. Through the interest gained from the funds of the institutional management committee, nearly Rs. 8.8 lakh was spent on installing 10 KW solar panel. Labour Commissioner E. Vallavan told The Hindu that power generated from the solar panel installed in the institute has completely replaced the conventional energy. “The institute is completely running on solar energy from Monday. The solar power generated is not only used for lighting, air-conditioner but also to run all the electrical appliances in the lab,” Mr. Vallavan said.

Saving surplus power

He added that the surplus power generated would be sent to the main power grid. “During rainy season when power is not generated through solar panels, we could use the conventional power equivalent to the surplus power sent to the main grid,” he said. The Labour Commissioner added that they are partnering with Renewable Energy Agency Puducherry (REAP) to upgrade another seven Industrial Training Institutes in Puducherry to solar energy. “The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is providing 30 per cent capital subsidy for those installing solar power plants. We will avail this benefit to reach the target of generating 5MW power through solar panels in the seven institutions,” Mr. Vallavan added.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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