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KSTAR launches All-in-one Turnkey Solution GSM6250C-MV

KSTAR launches All-in-one Turnkey Solution GSM6250C-MV



KSTAR launches new product GSM6250C-MV recently.   KSTAR GSM6250C is a 6250 KW All-in-one turnkey solution design with the protection level of IEC standards within a 40FT sea shipping container. The high integration helps to reduce the BOS (Balance of System) cost, maintenance cost thus increasing the ROI (Return on Investment).

As renewable energy are reaching grid parity across the globe the cost of energy is declining every day. This steady decline in PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) has become a new challenge for the developer. The new era of solar energy generation faces several new challenges unforeseen in previous times. The decline of tariff price, strict grid codes and complex installation scenarios etc., pressure on investment cost is ever more stringent. Therefore, KSTAR launches the latest all-in-one PV turnkey solution GSM6250C-MV to meet the challengeable requirements for the customers in 2021.

GSM6250C-MV is a 6250KW, 40 FT standard sea shipping container with inverter, transformer, RMU, monitoring system and auxiliary power supply unit integrated together. It reduces on site commissioning work and additional cable works. The auxiliary transformer integrated inside LV Box for customer use for tracker or local lighting load. The integrated data collector can communicate with the combiner box and weather station thus reducing the complex communication cable network. The high integration reduces  the initial cost of investment and also OEM cost for developer.

Moreover, KSTAR GSM6250C-MV is high efficiency. 1500V NPC three-level topology offers maximum conversion Efficiency up to 99% and Euro efficiency up to 98.7%.  Integrated with KSTAR patented cooling design GSM6250C-MV has a maximum power output of 7200KW @25°C and full power output up to 50°C. The turnkey solution has a wide operating range from -30°C to +60°C. This makes GSM6250C-MV turnkey solution ideal for any location on earth.

The GSM6250C-MV container is designed with IP54 protection level for inverter and RMU chamber while the Transformer is IP68 rated with C4 ( C5 optional) corrosion protection. The container adopt corten A steel, is compounded of Cr,Cu,P and many other element. On the surface of the steel formed a dense and has a good protective effect of rust. Even when the paint is damaged by the external force, it will not seriously affect the strength of the steel structure. Its weather resistance is 3-8 times of ordinary carbon steel.

“ GSM6250C-MV is high over-load capacity. The design of the GSM6250C-MV allows developer to add more power to the DC side, up to 180% of nominal power. The AC output at 25°C is also 115% of nominal AC power. Thus this allows customer to have more power output under favorable condition but most importantly steady output for longer duration and bad weather condition. ”  Said the product manager BD from KSTAR.

The GSM6250C-MV provide the most optimized block size and design solution with better ROI. One-Point contact for all the major equipment provides customer with the benefit of managing spare parts efficiently thus reducing the OEM cost and hassle-free.


We have more than 3000 employees and 18 overseas branch offices in different countries since 1993.  There are more than 600 R&D engineers,  the majority of whom have many  years’ talented experience in inverter industry. KSTAR is committed to innovation based on global customer needs. By integrating smart PV technology and innovative design, KSTAR PV Solution is safe, efficient and reliable, easy to install, creating value for customers to achieve better ROI with higher yields and lower maintenance cost. KSTAR was ranked in the TOP 10 according to IHS world inverter shipment.
Learn more:  www.kstar.com

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network