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Leading global solar inverter manufacturer Sineng Electric participates in REI 2017

Leading global solar inverter manufacturer Sineng Electric participates in REI 2017


NEW DEHLI, Sept. 28, 2017 — Leading global solar inverter manufacturer Sineng Electric presented its product line-up at the 2017 Renewable Energy India Expo (REI 2017) on September 20-22. During the event, the company showcased its industry-leading 1500V solar inverter series, central distributed inverter, central inverter, string inverter, energy storage system and power quality management solution, demonstrating leading its R&D and manufacturing capabilities.
The company launched the EP-2500-HA-OD central inverter. With 1500V DC voltage, maximum efficiency of up to 99.02% and 2.5MW unit integrated design, the EP-2500-HA-OD helps reduce the initial investment cost and increases the income from power generation significantly. The central distributed inverter displayed at the show has several advantages highly recognized by the Indian market, including Multiple MPPT, high yields and low initial investment and maintenance costs.
To respond to the fast-growing household and commercial solar markets in India, Sineng Electric displayed its full range of high-efficiency string inverters, which were highly acclaimed for their intelligent features, safety, convenience and elegant design.
Sineng Electric also displayed its leading low-cost and high-efficiency energy storage system, which is considered the preferred energy storage solution for solar PV stations in operation or under construction.
“As India is one of the most important PV markets worldwide, our product displays at the expo helped local customers gain a deeper understanding of our advanced products and technologies, as well as provided Chinese PV firms an opportunity to get a head start on their international expansion. We plan to continue increasing our investments in India and neighboring markets with the aim of supplying customers worldwide with solutions for higher power output and lower costs”, said Sineng Electric vice president Li Jianfei.
According to the IHS Markit 2017 Report, Sineng Electric is the world’s sixth largest solar inverter manufacturer. In 2014, following integration with a Fortune 500 company’s PV business, the company became a leader in terms of R&D, management and marketing in the global PV market. Currently, Sineng Electric has completed the establishment of its local sales and service system for the Indian market. Once the new modern facility goes into production in Bangalore, the company’s annual solar inverter production capacity is expected to reach 5GW. Sineng Electric is capable of meeting the diversified needs of its customers with the industry’s most complete solar inverter solutions.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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