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LG Launches New Solar Range Fit to Endure Aussie Climate

LG Launches New Solar Range Fit to Endure Aussie Climate


Soaking up the benefits of solar in Australia just got a whole lot easier as LG Electronics launched its new range of panels, claiming to be a good match for our climate down under.

The LG NeON range is set to stir up the solar market with its latest award-winning products, designed to withstand harsh weather, low-light conditions and high-heat temperatures.

LG Electronics Australia General Manager of Solar and Energy, Gus Paviani said this line-up delivers enhanced weather-proof performance, making them ideally suited to Aussie homes and businesses from the outback all the way to the coastline.

“Our latest range of NeON solar modules is the most reliable and efficient renewable energy solution that LG has designed, the NeON H is built to perform, built to last,” he said.

“The unique mix of low light conditions, high-temperatures and salt environments in Australia makes the LG NeON H particularly well suited for the local climate.

“LG’s rigorous hail resistance tests ensure the reliability of the modules under severe weather conditions. LG is continuing its commitment to providing efficient and effective renewable energy solutions that stand the test of time.”

The NeON range comes with five products to choose from – LG NeON H, LG NeON H Black, LG NeON H Bi-Facial, LG NeON R and NeON R Prime – each adorning weather-proof features, designed through LG’s own solar cellular technology, to help maximise solar generation for homes and businesses.

Some of these features include salt and ammonia corrosion prevention, wind and hail resistance, durability in high UV conditions, increased output capacity to absorb maximum sunlight and high performance, even in low-light conditions.

While ammonia and salt erosion can aid solar generation in coastal areas, where sea and sand spray are in abundance, the high-heat temperature and UV protection is set to improve the quality of solar production in the outback.

LG NeON solar products are now available for purchase, according to LG. Pricing and installation costs will vary according to personal circumstances.

Which LG NeON product is right for me?

Each of the LG NeON products offers different features, suitable for different areas of the Australian climate. When choosing a solar product, it’s important to consider things like your average energy consumption, size of your home and the location and climate of your property. Read through the spics and specs of each model below.

Source: canstarblue

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network