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LONGi Earns Top Awards in PVEL’s PV Module Reliability Scorecard and RETC’s PV Module Index Report

LONGi Earns Top Awards in PVEL’s PV Module Reliability Scorecard and RETC’s PV Module Index Report


LONGi named “Top Performer” by PVEL for fifth consecutive year and RETC “High Achiever” by RETC for the third time.

SAN RAMON, C.A : LONGi Solar has received awards for outstanding PV solar module performance from two independent testing labs, demonstrating consistent quality of LONGi’s cutting-edge technology.

PV Evolution Labs (PVEL), the leading independent test lab for the downstream solar industry, awarded LONGi “2021 Top Performer” status in its PV Module Reliability Scorecard for the fifth consecutive year, since 2017 when LONGi began selling modules in the U.S.

The U.S. Renewable Energy Testing Center (RETC), a leading engineering service and certification testing provider for PV and renewable energy, named LONGi a “2021 High Achiever” in its PV Module Index Report for the third consecutive year.

PVEL’s PV Module Reliability Scorecard provides the industry with vital knowledge about long-term reliability and performance data. The Product Qualification Program (PQP) tests included in the 2021 publication are Thermal Cycling 600 cycles, Damp Heat 2000 hours, Mechanical Stress Sequence (SML+DML+TC50+HF10), Potential-Induced Degradation (PID) 192 hours, LID+LETID and PAN Performance. LONGi was the only tier one module manufacturer to receive Top Performer status in all six testing categories.

Tristan Erion-Lorico, head of PV Module Business at PVEL, said, “LONGi has been named a ‘Top Performer’ in our PV Module Reliability Scorecard every year since sales launched in the U.S. in 2017, and this year is no exception. This year, LONGi was named a Top Performer in all six categories. We look forward to our continuing partnership and the opportunity to test LONGi’s new technology in the future.”

RETC’s PV Module Index Report provides an overview of relevant tests carried out by RETC, covering reliability, performance and quality indicators. The report includes CEC, PAN file and LID testing data, as well as Thresher Test Performance Matrix and an overall results matrix. LONGi’s results received a boost from last year and it was the only module manufacturer to receive top marks in all categories.

Cherif Kedir, president and CEO of RETC, said, “Last year, LONGi achieved ‘excellence’ scores in all eight test indicators in our PV Module Index Report. This year, LONGi received similar ‘excellence’ scores. Congratulations to LONGi for being recognized as an RETC High Achiever.”

“As the most steadfast and reliable solar technology company in the renewable energy sector, LONGi has constantly worked towards developing and delivering high-efficiency, high-reliability and high-quality modules,” said Archie Flores, General Manager of LONGi Solar U.S.

The Top Performer status in PVEL’s PV Module Reliability Scorecard and the High Achiever status in RETC’s PV Module Index Report are a strong validation of LONGi’s long-term technology leadership in R&D, robust product design and a quality-first approach to manufacturing.”

“It is no surprise to see LONGi recognized once again by both PVEL and RETC” said Dennis She, Senior Vice President of LONGi Solar. “LONGi values high performance and reliability in our products, as well as the importance of independent testing validation for our global customers and partners.

We are driven to continuing to provide cutting-edge solar solutions that will accelerate the clean energy transition across the globe and maximize investment returns for our customers and partners worldwide.”

About LONGi

LONGi, founded in 2000, is a world leading solar technology organization. The company has had a long-term, unswerving commitment to monocrystalline technology, convinced, rightly, that its general adoption would bring about significant technological change for the whole PV industry.

With 15 manufacturing bases and more than 30 branches around the world, LONGi produces monocrystalline silicon wafers and modules, delivering solutions for distributed and ground mount power station systems, promoting the development of the global PV industry and driving energy transformation.

The company’s shipments have been among the industry’s highest for a number of years and, in 2020, it became the first manufacturer to ship more than 20GW of modules in a year.

LONGi’s ongoing high investment in R&D is a significant contributory factor in its success and the company has been rapidly applying new technologies and processes to large-scale production, making important advances in cost control and efficient product innovation.

In 2020, LONGi became the first Chinese solar energy company to join the RE100, EV100 and EP100 initiatives, set up to promote zero-carbon solar and sustainable development.

Visit us at LONGi Solar, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. https://en.longi-solar.com

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network